Baptism Decorations

These DIY decorations also become your Christening favors!

christening favors to make

Baptism decorations can be a special part of your Christening celebration. We did these adorable little angels to celebrate our own newly baptized sweetheart.  They were our decorations for the christening party and then each guest chose one to bring home as their baptism favor! Everyone loved them and since our christening was shortly after Christmas, they would go home with friends and family to decorate their own Christmas tree! However, these adorable little angels are not just for a Christmastime christening.. they would work anytime of the year.

How to make these Baptism decorations

easy baptism decorations
creative baptism decorations to make

We made these easy angels and hung them on a ornament holder and furthered the theme with the "God Bless our angel" tagline hung on the top of the holder.  These angels require no extensive crafting abilities.. what you need to make these adorable baptism decorations? 6 items - a silk flower, a wooden dolls head, pipecleaners, wide wired ribbon and a glue gun and fine tip marker!  There is a complete tutorial with step by step instructions and photos too.. see how you can make these creative baptism decorations here!  Not only are they perfect baptism favors and decorations but a great Christmas ornament craft!

easy baptism decorations
baptism decoration ideas

We had so many guests that our angels could not all fit on our Angel ornament holder so using Christmas tree hooks, we hung them on our garland. If your Christening is not during the holidays, you can hang them on floral garland or tie with toulle onto your curtain rods!

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red plate poem

We have more ideas for your Baptism or Christening celebration.  Our favorite Baptism gift idea is the Red Plate .. a red china plate inscribed with You Are Special. It dates back to the early 19th century where the red plate was set out for all special occasions. So this gift can start a tradition for the newly baptized baby. We wrote a poem that explains the gift so you can print and enclose with the plate! Look at this adorable fruit platter display we made for our twins christening.. you can make this Christening dessert it for just one baby too!  Take a look at the beautiful Christening invitations we made for the twins' Christening celebration.

These Baptism and Christening ideas are all easy and creative and some of these can also be adapted as Baby Shower ideas.. so take a look at them and use some or all for your own celebration!

We used this same crafting idea to create adorable Brides out of artificial white flowers.. take a look at how they served as our bridal shower decorations!

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