A Family Birthday Party for Grandpa!

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Grandpa's turning 79... what should we do? Plan a family birthday party for him! Having everyone together to celebrate would be the best present ever.. so the plans began. Follow along and you can throw this party for a special person in your own family!

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Step 1 All five of the siblings connected on a date right before his 79th birthday. We all made a point to clear our calendars as some of us would be traveling to attend. We would do a family dinner out. My sister found a great restaurant that had a private room and she booked the reservation for all of us. Keep in mind that a Bring Your Own Bottle is great for this type of party would have been even better! We thought of that one after the fact. I put together the invitation for him, more poetry!

The best surprise for my husband and me was that my sisters and my mom had flown our daughters in from Chicago for the weekend so that they could be with us. We were so excited and so surprised.. it just made the weekend all the better! Our boys were both working and were sorely missed!

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Some of us just arriving at the restaurant!

Step 2: Party Games: I got busy and planned a couple. If you know us.. there would be no family birthday party without some type of party game! One to play during dinner and one for back at the house after dessert. We decided to do dessert back at their home. I offered to bake a big "Star" cake for our 79 years young superstar. Wilton makes a wide array of cake tins for every theme you could think of. Michaels, AC Moore, Chef Central.. all carry them along with great decorations!

The first game I put together was "Who Knows Grandpa Best?" I made up enough multiple choice questions for each of us. I was also cognisant of the little ones, so made sure I had some that they would know the answer to. Some were factual..ie: Grandpa served in what branch of the Armed Services?, What was Grandpa's job in the service during the war? Some were just plain funny ..ie: Grandpa was famous in the neighborhood for putting what down the sewers at the 4th of July block parties? (answer: Cherry Bomb firecrackers!) Others were family history.. ie: Grandpa was the Grand Marshall of what parade? (his hometown Fair parade in Ionia, Michigan!) It was great.. the questions generated lots of laughs, stories and questions from the kids. Each correct answer was awarded an instant lottery ticket!

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Our waiters were so nice, even though we were not eating dessert there, they brought him a "Birthday" tray and sang to him!

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Step 3 The family birthday party continued back home. We celebrated with cake and a couple of rounds of "Birthday Boy Bingo". I made Bingo Cards that used the letters "GRAMP" and the Bingo pulls were all personalized words that were relevant to our Dad. Cash prizes for this one!

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Here's the "personalized" Bingo Board.. with just a few of his favorite things decorating it!

Dad/Grandpa really enjoyed his family birthday party. Having everyone clear their calendars so we could all be together for an evening was the best gift we could give to him. Plus it was like a mini-family history lesson with all the "Grandpa" facts we used in the games. This would be a great Christmas or Thanksgiving game to play when everyone is together. Giving the kids a chance to learn about some of the accomplishments and anecdotes of their grandparents is a wonderful gift to them too!

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