Flying with Babies
What you need to bring on the plane

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Flying with babies takes a lot of preparation. The airports are crowded, flights delayed, long security lines... all things that happen frequently. So be prepared! Our expert, Sandy, a veteran flight attendant with over 20 years in the skies, advised us as we planned for our first flight with the twins. She is always surprised by what passengers think the airlines will have on the plane.. so be prepared. Read on below for our list of essentials when flying with babies.

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Flying with babies - what you will need at the airport and on the plane

Flying with babies requires more planning. Sandy has guided us and we have added items from our own experience. You must plan for delays. Here is a list of some things to be sure you have in your diaper bag both at the airport and on the plane:

Feeding and Bottles - Sandy reminds us the airlines DO NOT have formula onboard. So when flying with babies you can buy a package of 8 ounce "ready to feed" bottles of formula to leave in the diaper bag (they make 4 ounce sizes too). These can stay at room temperature until they are opened. Bring extras above what you would need for their regular feeding schedule in case of flight delays or cancellations. Formula is allowed through TSA security checks but be prepared for the agents to run it through a machine for a check.

If you bring powdered formula, yes the airlines have bottled water and it is usually room temperature.

If you want to bring bottles from home buy a small cooler bag to keep them cold.

If you breastfeed don’t forget your nursing cover!

Pacifiers- If your babies will take a pacifier make sure you have it packed for takeoff and landing. The change in air pressure can cause discomfort and sucking on a pacifier or bottle will help tremendously.

Changing Pad- Bring your travel changing pad in your diaper bag because you never know where you might have to change their diapers if there isn’t a changing station in the bathroom!

Ziploc Bags- These are great for dirty diapers, dirty bibs, burp cloths or soiled clothes. Please do not hand the flight attendant a dirty diaper, place in a bag first and then ask that they dispose.

Extra sets of clothes - pack in a Ziploc bag and you can put dirty clothes in as you take clean clothes out.

Extra tee shirt for Mom or Dad- Yep.. if baby gets sick all over you, you definately do not want to sit on the flight in dirty clothes!

Lots of diapers - Sandy reminds us that airlines DO NOT have diapers onboard, so make sure you have a sufficient supply to cover your time at the airport, on the plane and after deboarding until you arrive at your final destination.

Wipes - Sandy advises that the airlines may have small wipe packages onboard, perfect for a messy face but not a big messy diaper. You will need the regular size baby wipes with you.

Toys - little rattles, teethers etc. are always good to have to distract a crying baby.

Baby food and spoons - Sandy confirmed, the airlines DO NOT have baby food nor small baby spoons onboard. Even if you are on a short flight, if your baby is eating, pack these in case of delays.

Extra bibs and burp cloths

Hand sanitizer

Lighten Your Load when flying with babies!

Plan ahead and ship your baby supplies like diapers and wipes straight to your destination via

Check out this idea if you are flying with babies to see grandma! It's always helpful if she has some of the supplies there. See how friends can help to get Grandma ready for babies in her house again.

Check with your hotel to see what kinds of equipment they have for your stay.. portable crib for the room, high chairs in all the restaurants ?

Check with the rental car company about renting your carseats from them and you won't need to bring your own.

ToysRUs also has a baby equipment rental program in some of the major cities around big tourist resorts like DisneyWorld.

Here's more information about choosing the best airline when you are flying with babies!

traveling with twin

Yep one day traveling with our twins will look this easy, but no time soon! For the moment, we need to pack carefully and be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances!

More good advice about raising twins here!

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