A Free Bingo Game for your Fiesta!

Click, Print and Presto.... A Great Party Game

Try our free bingo game with a "Fiesta" spin. It will add lots of fun and laughter to your next Mexican theme party. Just print and play!

Here are directions on how to play this bingo game with a spin!

Free Fiesta Bingo Board

Click here to print your Bandito Bingo Board

Everyone gets a copy of this word list and uses the choices to fill in their own bingo card. My kids have advised your odds increase if you fill your card with the less popular words!!

Click here to print your customized Bingo Word List

We've even prepared the bingo pull list. Just print and cut and put into a bowl for the Emcee to pull and call.

Here's the first page of words. They match those on the bingo word card Here's the second page of words.

This Bandito Bingo game was a great hit at our last Fiesta! Read about it for some more Fiesta ideas here!

Good Luck to all.. Everyone wants to be the "Grande Bandito"!
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