A Great Gift Idea.
They are not just for kids!

Build A Bears are NOT just for kids and are not just bears!
They are a great gift idea for anyone. Over the years, I have had more fun at the Build A Bear factory making gifts for my older kids. There are so many outfits available that the possibilities are just endless!! When in pursuit of a fun gift, I usually think about things that the recipient is passionate about or what it is we are celebrating. Then check the Build A Bear website to see if I can create a theme based gift. A couple of my all time favorites… see below.

NY Yankees Build A Bear
Rutger Univ.

Jeter Dog

Jeter Dog was built for one of my favorite family friends.. she is in college out in Pennsylvania and an AVID Yankees fan.. so as her birthday approached last summer and the Yankees were riding a post All Star Break winning streak.. I figured this would be a fun, timely and unique gift for her. I knew her all time favorite player was Derek Jeter. Derek Jeter did not hit me a bear.. so I looked through the various animal and found a tough but adorable dog.. add a Yankees shirt, baseball pants, cleats, mitt etc and Jeter Dog was born. He came complete with his own Birth Certificate and she loved it!! It was such a hit that when my younger daughter, also a huge Yankee fan, saw it.. she wanted one.. So when Christmas rolled around, Santa left her a Yankee Bear under the tree.

 NY Yankees

Scarlet Bear

Another happy recipient was my son’s girlfriend. She is a teacher and also a Rutgers graduate…so off I went to build a Rutgers Bear. Sure enough Build A Bear has collegiate tee-shirts! So I added a cute black skirt, ruby red shoes and put a big red bow in her head!! She loved it..so much so that she brought it into her classroom and the held a naming contest with her students.. thus “Scarlet” was born, named after that team mascot "The Scarlet Knight".. She is their class mascot.


So when looking outside the “clothes and gift card” box for a great gift idea … check out Build A Bear. Just think how cute.. a wedding bear is a great engagement gift. The birth certificate can be customized with the wedding date. How about a cheerleader to celebrate someone making the squad! During the holidays, they have all kinds of theme outfits...so it is a great early Christmas gift. Thinking of that special theme and creating it yourself is an added touch of love that makes the gift all the more special !! And remember they aren't just for kids!

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