A Luau Party Theme

It's filled with lights and laughter!

luau party ideas

luau theme party ideas

This is a fun luau party idea. My daughter's birthday is in June. She was getting too old for a birthday party, but still wanted a celebration. So with a little help from Mom, she and her friends put together a luau party to celebrate her birthday, the end of school and start of summer. Here's how they did it:

Step 1 Invites and Food
No formal invites, this was for her immediate circle of friends. There would be 22 in all. Food: They decided to grill chicken in the backyard and have lots of appetizers! There was fruit and vegetable platters. Bruscetta, stromboli, spinach dip and chicken wings with dipping sauces. All on luau themed party plates and bowls. Party City had a huge assortment of this theme. The chicken was grilled and put out on platters with lots of fixings like peppers, onions and even sliced pineapple pieces. There were rolls and pita bread for sandwiches. Plus a huge salad which some made into a "chicken caesar" or just "grilled chicken" salad.

Step 2 Decorations
A luau party might be one of the easiest parties to decorate. We strung Hawaiian lanterns and bright colored lights all around the yard. There was a tropical fish pinata that was hung from the garage (to be lowered later on!). The funniest decoration was a huge cardboard poster of a hawaiian beauty and a ukelele playing guy. The faces were cut out so that people could stand behind it for pictures.
Bright tropical colored streamers plus "glow" cups -Glow Cup - Assorted Colors - 6oz (1 DOZEN PIECES) These cups were awesome. The whole cup lights up! They got these in lime green and bright pink. We also found awesome flashing light up leis - Beistle - 50397 - Floral Light-Up Leis- Pack of 12. So everyone got one of those too!
Not be to forgotten, even our pooch was decorated!

ideas for a luau theme party

Step 3 Games and Entertainment
Don't underestimate the fun of entertainment at any age and especially for a luau party. First, I was stationed by the cut out and took digitals all during the party of the kids standing behind this. You'd think one picture would do?? No, everyone wanted their picture with everyone else! I must have shot 70 pictures. We got them developed and she gave them to all the kids the next week!

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Second, "Bob the Volcano".. we created what looked to be a volcano out of cardboard, foil and brown mailing paper. (Check out any science project site for further directions. Building a volcano is a big science fair project!) It had a wide opening and sat over a huge bucket filled with water. I had taken garbage bags and cut a hole in the top. Two at a time, they put the garbage bags over their head. The bags came down over their body so they could not use their hands. One apple goes into the "volcanic pit" and on the count of 3, the two contestants, get down on their knees and "bob" into the volcano to retrieve the lone apple. It was single elimination but we kept track of how many times people "won their round". At the end, the top two contestants had a "Bob Off" and was crowned King/Queen of The Luau. Of course, there was a crowning ceremony!

Lastly, A pinata was a must for this luau party. I had strung it through the basketball hoop on our garage. Once blindfolded, I randomly raised and lowered it. It was way too funny.. especially watching them swing and miss!

fun ideas for a luau party hawaiian theme party ideas

hawaiian theme party

Party over!! Guys gone.. girls sleeping over! They had such a good time that we have repeated the luau party numerous times. Almost becoming a tradition! This would be a great party to make t-shirts for.. can't you picture.. all bright colors all over the yard! They could be the decorations!

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