Names for Twins

Choosing Names for Twin Babies

Names for twins

Choosing names for twins is one of the more enjoyable jobs you will have during your pregnancy. Lucky you.. you get to pick 2! Everyone has their own preference and here are some of the more popular ideas for selecting baby names for twins. Whatever you decide, enjoy the process. One piece of advice, don't be too eager to share your name possibilites... there are way too many well-intentioned friends and family that may try to dissuade you from the names of your choice.

1. Rhyming Names Keep in mind that while this may seem like a fun idea, it also may make it difficult to remember who is who, especially when they get to school. Some feel it takes away a bit of individuality as grow older and is just too cutesy. Also, sometimes their birth names do not rhyme, but their “nicknames” might.. we have listed some of the most popular names and see how they translate, so keep that in mind when thinking of names. Try to envision yourself a few years down the road calling for them.. could be confusing for them and you!. None the less, you are the parents and you get to pick!
Nickie and Mickey – Can work for either sex of Nicole/Nicholas and Michael

Addie and Maddie – girl nicknames for Addison and Madeline or Madison

Izzie and Lizzie – girl nicknames for Isabella and Elizabeth

Mia and Lea

Cam and Sam – can work for either gender off of Cameron and Samantha/Samuel

Savannah and Hannah

2.Names with Alliterations These are names that begin with the same sound, but don’t rhyme. Mariah Carey and her husband Nick Cannon just used this technique in naming their girl and boy twins – Moroccan and Monroe. From the Social Security administration, here is are the 10 most common twin names using this technique:

3. Naming after family members, godparents or significant people in your life is another option. This is a great compliment to their namesake and perhaps will strengthen their relationship with that person as they grow up. It would be important that they be a good role model. Many times parents will select versions of the name, for example : Jack may be Jackson or Kathy may be Catherine. This is also a nice possibility for the babies middle names.

5. Names with the same letters, just rearranged …this was a new one to me, but our “twins pregnant” daughter added it to the list. Here are some she had heard of: May and Amy – two girls Mik and Kim – a boy and a girl Mac and Cam – two boys Andy and Danny – either sex – Andrea/Danielle or Andrew/Daniel

6. Names that mean the same thing.. first one that came to mind was Grace and Hannah as I know a set and Mom told me that Hannah in Hebrew means Grace! Sure there are others if you search for the meaning of names!

7. Names you just love… no rhymes, no matching letters, no family or social significance… always a good choice and does give them each individuality too.

Here were the top 10 names for boys and girls in 2012

For a complete list of the most popular names for twins in 2012 in the United States.. visit the Social Security website

Along with choosing a name, parents to be of twins need lots of gear.  Here are some practical Items to put on your Twins Baby Shower Registry

Names for twins is just one part of our 24-7 Twins section.. so much great information from a Mom of twins.

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