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Raising twins, a monumental task for sure! So welcome to
24-7 Twins our newest section devoted to all things Twins. We are a family of 3 generations of twins so we can offer a lot of personal insight into raising twins. Our featured editor of this section is our own daughter, a brand new mother of twin boys! 24-7 Twins plans to go beyond Twins Pregnancy and birth to help you navigate your life with twins from cradle to college. Our goal is to become a one of kind information center that you can turn to as your own twins grow!

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Raising multiples is a challenging experience for sure, but you and your own twosome are special as only 1.9% of the world’s population are twins! So explore our site and find timely topics on both identical and fraternal twins that will help you with parenting these very special people!

So join us as we start this journey both personally and here on Celebration Ideas Online. We start with some fun ideas for announcing the arrival of twins, creating a most unique baby shower for twins and naming twins! Here's an adorable and easy idea to make a healthy "twins-themed" dessert, perfect for a baby shower or christening or birthday celebration!

See the top "Must haves for twins"! Check out some practical twins baby gifts. Great advice from our own Mom of Twins on products that she couldn't live without!

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Look at our guys headed to the University of Michigan!! Are you traveling with your twins? If so read this article to help you choose the most family friendly airline for your flight. And here's a great traveling with babies packing list of what needs to come with you on the plane, train or in your car. This packing list is useful for twins or any single infant too! Good tips in that one from a veteran flight attendant who has seen lots of unprepared customers traveling with their babies.

Raising twins is all a part of family fun! More ideas here

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