St Patricks Day Game for School

This St Patricks Day Game for school pack is a great way to celebrate the day!  The students use their rhyming skills, then add a writing experience and you have a ready to go lesson plan for a fun activity. When your class arrives they find their classroom askew with books out of place, papers on the floor etc.  Once they settle down, you read them the note from Shamus, the leprachaun, which YOU found on your desk.  He is asking for help to find his pot of gold.  This St Patricks day lesson take some pre-planning on your part, as the clues lead to places all around the school, from the library to the Main office but the kids LOVE it - it is well worth the set up time.

st patricks day activity for school

What's inside this 11 page package?


Letter from Shamus to the class - how he arrived and what he is looking for!

Clue Cards to help Shamus find his lucky coins and practice rhyming skills! These send the class to various areas of the school to find the next clue.

Teacher Cheat Sheet- how the teacher organizes this activity

Student Completion Certificates - At the end of the hunt, they each get a gold coin and a certificate.  We always ended ours in the principal's office and she handed out the coins and certificate!

Writing extension idea - incorporate the fun into a writing lesson using the Leprechaun themed student writing stationary.

This fun game has always been a huge success in my classroom! Hope you can use it in yours! You can purchase this fun St Patrick's day lesson for $2.49 in our printables shoppe.

Here are samples of the clues you will find in the package!

Here is the certificate each student receives at the end of the game!

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Add this wonderful story to the end of this St Patricks Day game for school!

This is such a great story and is a perfect addition to this St. Patrick's Day activity for your students. The Leprechaun Trap: A Family Tradition For Saint Patrick's Day is a great addition to your classroom library! It could be a great journal prompt.. ask how they would catch a leprechaun!

You can adapt this idea and play it at home using props.. see how to use this  St Patricks Day game for school AT HOME!

st patricks day bingo

Use our free printable LUCKY LEPRECHAUN BINGO as another fun St Patricks Day acitivity for the children!

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