SUPER Super Bowl Party Games

Super Bowl party games are a fun addition to your celebration. Here is an assortment of our family favorites .. take a look and pick one or more to add to your own party!

Pre-Game or Halftime SUPER BOWL GAMES
MVP GUESS As your guests arrive, have index cards ready and ask everyone to write their name on one side and their guess for game MVP on the other. Tally and put the results on the poster.
Have small prizes, like instant lottery tickets, ready for the winners at the end of the game.

BEST DRESSED FAN If your guests will be coming bedecked in team apparel, have a secret ballot for Best Dressed Fan and award the winner with a crown.

TAILGATE TOSS TOURNAMENT Run a pre-game or half time Tailgate Toss tournament playing Cornhole. It's the perfect party game and you can get Cornhole boards themed for either team.

super bowl party game

A family favorite.. using the printable clues.. guess the football team.. all the NFL teams and a couple of NCAA teams thrown into the mix for fun!

SUPER BOWL TRIVIA GAME Print and play this fun, free Team Challenge Trivia game.

super bowl game

Super Bowl Squares or BOX POOL

Organize a box pool. You make a grid of 100 boxes. In advance have cards numbered 0 to 9 and with the 2 team names. You can decide on the entry per box. Every player signs up for random boxes. Once all 100 boxes are full, pull the team names. First one pulled goes across the top, second one along the sides. Then pull the numbers one at a time and note in each box along the top. Repeat along the side. At the end of each quarter, find the last number of each team's score on the grid and where they intersect, the name in that box wins! You can split up the entry proceeds however you see best.. maybe 50% goes to the final score winner, 30% to half time winner and 10% each to 1st and 3rd quarter. Here's a grid you can print  and Here's further instructions on how to play

Can YOU tackle trivia? Super Bowl party gamesSuper Bowl party games for guys AND girls!

SECRET CELEBRITY GAME  One of our favorite fun Super Bowl party games .. it is so easy.. all you need is pen, paper, a timer and a lively group of guests.. Put a sports spin on it and only use athletes or things related to Super Bowl. A great pre-game competition!

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