Twins Baby Gifts Ideas

Practical Gifts Ideas for Twin Babies

what you need for twin babies

Twins baby gifts ideas are always a topic of conversation when you are expecting twins. As a Mom of twins boys I have compiled a list of some of the most helpful and practical baby gifts for twins. They are not particularly expensive and may not be something everyone rushes to buy off your twins baby shower registry but they were a necessity for my household. Here are some of my favorite gifts for twins.

Baby Monitor

After much research and lots of recommendations we registered for the Summer Infant Sleek and Secure Hand Held Video Monitor, White/ Silver. What’s great about this monitor is that you can buy an extra camera so that one is placed over each crib and the monitor allows you to switch channels so that you can keep an eye on both babies even when they are sleeping in their own cribs or in separate rooms. Although it is a bit pricey it works great and if you live in a house where your nursery is upstairs it allows you to see your babies without having to physically walk into the room. There have been times that we have looked in their room through the monitor only to see them awake and happily entertaining themselves buying us a few extra minutes of grown up quiet time! You can hear your babies, see your babies and even talk to them through this awesome monitor. This is a great thing to register for but don’t forget the Summer Infant 28310 Extra Secure Handheld Color Camera for baby number two!

Diaper Genie

With two babies needing 8-10 diaper changes each/day that means you are going through 16-20 diapers in just one day when you have twins. Make that up to 140 diapers in a week. One thing we couldn’t live without is the Playtex Diaper Genie Elite Diaper Disposal Pail. This incredible diaper pail not only holds a ton of diapers but it also eliminates the smell from permeating the room. We have two diaper genies and would recommend registering for two if you have multiples. We put one in the nursery where we change diapers in the middle of the night and after naps and then keep a separate one downstairs so when we have daytime diaper changes we don’t have to run all the way upstairs. These are twins baby gifts that people don't run to buy but they will be a greatly appreciated gift for everyone!

Wubbanub Pacifiers

twins baby gifts ideas

Say what you may about the pros and cons of pacifiers, our boys love them and they get comfort from them. We received these Wubbanub Infant Plush Toy Pacifier Brown Puppy

as a twins baby gifts at our shower and they have been life saving. The clever stuffed animal attached to the base of the pacifier helps the pacifier stay in the babies mouths by weighing them down and keeping them in place. They are also always easy to find especially in the middle of the night! Each of our babies have two and each has different animals! Our little nephews, and sometimes even grandparents use them from time to time to be able to tell the babies apart! They are easy to clean.. throw in a net bag and into the washing machine they go. Now that our boys are getting bigger we have noticed them finding the stuffed animal with their hands and using it to push the pacifiers back in their own mouths. I bet my mom is wishing that this product was on the market when we were kids!

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