A 25th Anniversary Party To Remember!

creative anniversary party idea

Our 25th Anniversary Party may have been one of the highlights of my life! The four kids planned it from start to finish and it was spectacular. They wanted to do a party but the guest list became out of control and they certainly did not have the monies to fund an extravaganza. So they put their heads together and came up with the most incredible 25th anniversary party idea. It was creative, thoughtful and truly filled with love.

The kids decided on a surprise party with just our extended family. However, they would include all our friends and relatives in this celebration through the creation of a memory book. They went through our Christmas card list, computer contact files and address book and compiled a list of all of our friends both local and across the country. They sent this letter to each of them asking that they sent back a letter or card congratulating us on our 25th. They were hoping to get back about half...they got back almost all! Day by day they were adding them to the memory book.. and we did not have a clue!
best  25th anniversary gift

Here's a larger version of their Memory Book Letter

anniversary party ideas
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 They put Grandma on a mission to find any wedding memorabilia ,some of which they added to the memory book. She also had my wedding dress, veil and shoes in a closet. Best of all our she had our cake topper which they put right on top of the cake they ordered! These kids did a wonderful job orchestrating everything. Plus it was a great chance for the 4 of them to work with each other.

25th anniversary party ideas
anniversary party gift idea

A couple of the beautiful letters that were included in our 25th Anniversary gift

anniversary party favor idea
anniversary celebration idea

See how they created these easy  25th anniversary party favors using the theme Cut Out for Each Other!  An inexpensive favor perfect for their limited budgets!

anniversary gift idea

They found a picture of us and went to BigHugeLabs.com and turned it into a great movie poster for us.. what a creative idea!  The party was a huge success. The nicest compliment to them was that their idea has been recycled by numerous of our friends for their own anniversary celebration. It works great for any landmark year be it 10, 15, 25 or even 50! These kids took all the celebration lessons they had learned over the years and came up with a fantastic one all on their own!

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