4th of July activities and games to make your party a winner!

We'd love to share some of our favorite 4th of July activities and party games that are also perfect for a Memorial Day, Labor or summer picnic.  We usually host a 4th of July open house after the town parade and there is nothing more fun that rounding up your guests for some friendly competitions and these summer picnic games work for all ages.  So take a look below and see some of our own favorite summer party games! Here we are on the way to the parade, stroller appropriately decorated!

Summer Party Games

4th of July [party game

4th of July Activities and Games are always a fun addition to your 4th of July celebrations. One of our family favorites is Tailgate toss, also known as the cornhole game. You see these everywhere at college football pregames. What is so fun about this beanbag toss game is the all ages can play! You can play on teams or individually. How fun to run a patriotic themed Cornhole contest.. the winners get their own "Uncle Sam" hats to wear the rest of the day! Here is all the information you need on How to play the Cornhole Game.  Another surefire hit is to plan your own Friends and Family Olympics!!

family reunion games
4th of july picnic games

This one was sent to us by one of our fans.. Picture a gigantic beer pong set up using a volleyball instead of a ping pong ball.  This creative crew spray painted plastic garbage cans red to resemble solo cups! How great and festive would these be with some red, white and blue bunting and some lights!!  

4th of July games

This 4th of July party idea includes a home-made Frisbee toss, created by our college crowd. It was simple but fun. The kids set water bottles on top of ski poles and tossed the frisbee in an attempt to knock them off! There were lines of every age group attempting this feat. It was not as easy as it looked but fun for all. It was single elimination per player, one try and you either faced a new competitor or were out! It ended up drawing a crowd for the final round!

fun team game

Late Night Light Up Game: We ran a Midnight Madness Bocce Ball Tournament. Once the polena was tossed, the official "spotter" wrapped one of the light up leis around it so the players could spot the target. Bocce is a fabulous family game. Over the years, the throws have landed the target in bushes, under trees and even across the street. Since it is easy and safe, all age groups play. They form teams, so you can have lots of participants. It is a great bonding game between the adults and the kids. Our kids have been playing with the guys since they were 5! Here's the set we have had for years - Park & Sun BB-109 Bocce Pro Set

Host your own Olympics

Plan a fun Friends and Family Olympics BBQ or Picnic using these 4th of July activities for games to play in teams... like an old fashioned field day.. We made t-shirts for all when we organized our own Family Olympics.

4th of July Activities for the little ones

For the younger set recruit a creative friend and get some face paint and run a face painting booth. Also take some ideas from our "water park of fun" birthday party, which is filled with great ideas for 4th of July activities.  Or, let the kids decorate their bikes or the baby strollers.. always fun.. just have a supply of ribbons, crepe paper, garland and other festive decorations!

4th of July Game for the over 21 group

For an all over 21 - 4th of July celebration.. play Patriot Pong.. yes, dig deep and pull out those college beer pong memories.. Decorate the table with red, white and blue bunting, use red, white and blue cups and then make Patriot Pong t-shirts for the winning team.  Make a logo like we did here and then iron on to t-shirts using these directions for making your own t-shirts

4th of July Bingo for all ages

Free 4th of July Printable Bingo Game Here's a great back-up plan should thunderstorms arrive in the midst of your party! A fun round of bingo is a great diversion and here's everything you need to play free 4th of July Bingo .. just print and play!

Here are more printable 4th of July games from 4th of July trivia, to an Independence Day scavenger hunt and more.. fun for one and all!

Independence Day 4th of July Games Pack

More 4th of July Party ideas here  Easy no bake desserts and appetizer ideas too

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