Decorate With Old Photos

Celebrate Your Family Ancestry

Welcome to our Featured Guest Columnist: Darcy from California

A Home Decoration Idea..Decorate With Old Photos. This is the suggestion we received from our first guest columnist. Darcy from California had read of our idea to use old photos for gifts and she shared her own use of these antiquities. "Use them to decorate your home". She had many old family photos buried in boxes and envelopes from her mother, father and assorted relatives. What to do with these?? Darcy suggests "Display them".

Decorate with old photos

Here's one of her favorites that she framed and hung in her home.

Darcy shares, "As far as advice to decorate with old photos, look for unique and unusual frames. I would say that the best and least expensive frames I've found are at TJ Maxx and Tuesday Morning. I won't pay anything more that $8-10 - beautiful selection and priced fair at both places. I'm always checking their sites for special announcements- and sometimes coupons become available.Old wood frames from garage sales or your basement can be easily spray painted Gold, black and silver are good to use with most photos. Color paint can also be used to change the entire look of the frame."

Old Photos

Here is one of her favorites!

Darcy also suggests, "Collages are another inexpensive way to decorate with old photos if you don't want to buy all the single frames. You just buy one big frame and simply add the photos. Again, remember that a little can of spray paint can really make a very personal frame that will coordinate with your room decor and color."

You can create a family wall of fame.. and don't just limit it to your distant ancestors. Add in your kids and grandkids too. A hallway is a perfect place to hang your photos!

Darcy also reminds us that family memorabilia can be displayed. She says, "Old Military photos are fantastic to frame and hang. Medals, ribbons and any other items of interest can be hung along with this collection. Making a theme is important. It could be used in the office to proudly show off the collection. Letters can also be framed. Even military uniforms can be incorporated into such a project. Dog tags can proudly hang."

Young and Old.. a perfect combination!

Here's one of her favorites. It was given to her own mother by her grandmother back in 1932.

old black and white photo

Darcy had some great ideas to really get more family history and insight. She suggests, "Get voice recordings or videos of your senior citizen parents. Get out that old tape recorder and have them talk into in with you asking questions. There's a lot of life there and family history. Even better would be to make a video of you loved one. Ask what is was like for them as a teen, Ask about their earliest memories. Ask how your parents met and fell in love. Find out what countries your ancestors are from. It's an amazing project that includes everyone."

We thank Darcy for her contribution. We should all "Celebrate our Family". Darcy's idea to decorate with old photos is a perfect family gathering idea. A framed old photo of family could be a wonderful table favor for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Please make a point to tag the back of the frame with information. Who is this, when the photo was taken or any special story about it. That will make for a beautiful keepsake. So congrats to Darcy, our West Coast columnist! We are thrilled to have her join us with her fabulous ideas. Get busy and decorate your home with old photos too!

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