Easter Crafts for Preschoolers

We love Easter crafts for preschoolers that they can actually make themselves and thanks to our fantastic Aunt Jessie, more lovingly known in our family as "Tia J", we are sharing this adorable Easter Bunny craft. Jess teaches first grade so you know she had no problems doing this Easter craft idea with our busy 2 year old twins! Best of all, it is super easy and requires a total of only 4 crafting supplies!

How to make Easter Bunnies from paper plates

Here is all you need to make these easy Easter crafts for preschoolers:

2 paper plates

2 cotton balls

1 set of googly eyes, available at any craft store

A box of crayons and a bottle of Elmer's glue

Yep, that is all you need to create these cute Easter Bunny crafts!

How to make these Easter crafts for preschoolers

Take one of the paper plates and cut along both edges to make the ears. No template needed, just trim the paper plate and the bunny ears will look like this! Glue or staple onto the second paper plate.  Next glue on a set of the googly eyes, then glue on two cotton balls.  Draw a circle right beneath the cotton balls. Now using the crayons (or markers), color the circle pink, add whiskers and color the elevated part of the ears with pink/red crayon. That is all that is required to create these adorable Easter bunnies!  What a fun craft to do with the kids while Easter dinner is cooking or make them the night before and let them serve as your Easter decorations! Our two year boys loved this Easter craft and best of all could do it all by themselves with just a smidgen of help from their Tia J!!

easter craft for preschoolers
easy easter bunny craft

The boys were so delighted with the finished product!! They added some color to the bunny's face on their own! So let the kids have fun and make their own individual creation! Then be sure to hang them in a prominent spot to decorate your home for Easter. They will want to show all the guests what they have made! Thank you Tia J for sharing this great Easter craft idea for kids.. perfect for a Sunday School class, preschool class too!

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