Easy Fall Leaves Craft

fall leaves craft

Here is how to make this easy and beautiful fall leaves craft that is a lantern.  It looks beautiful in any room and is much safer than a candle.  Here's how you can make this fall craft in less than 30 minutes. One of the things we love about this lantern is that it will last the whole fall season. You can make in September and it will stay out through Thanksgiving. It would be a pretty Thanksgiving dinner table centerpiece!

Supplies you will need to make this craft

fall craft supplies
This is an easy craft... all you need you can see above. A glue gun, modpodge, fabric leaves, ribbon and a smooth side mason jar and a set of battery operated fairy lights. More on those further down. Yes, that is it! I tried this craft with real fall leaves and it did not come out well, so stick to the fabric leaves you can find in any craft store or here are some that Amazon sells.Bassion 210 Pcs Assorted Mixed Fall Colored Artificial Maple Leaves

First step is to adhere the leaves to the jar.  Modgepodge does NOT work for this.  Use a glue gun and dot glue around the center and the edges of each leaf and apply to the jar.  You don't have to cover every space as you want the lights to shine through.

Step by step instructions to make this fall leaves craft

cute fall craft
easy autumn craft

Below you can see what the jar should look like once all the leaves are glued on.  Next step, make sure they are securely glued down around the edges.  Then using a foam brush apply one coat of modpodge. You can use either the gloss or matte finish.  We found the gloss reflects the light best. It looks like glue when you apply but it dries clear.

fall lantern craft
easy fall crafting idea

Let the modpodge thoroughly dry.  It may take a couple of hours.  Once it dries and is not tacky to the touch, add your fall ribbon around the rim of the jar. Just cut the ribbon to size and using your glue gun again, apply the ribbon around the jar rim. Your fall leaves craft is just about done..just add the lights!

fall leaves craft
The finishing touch is adding in the lights. We used these Oak Leaf 60 LED Battery operated String Lights. These lights are 9.8 feet long and come with a battery box that requires 3 AA batteries. What is great about these is that there is a timer on the little box, so you get longer life for your batteries! Amazon sells this set of six for $19.99 so that is just a little over $3 a piece and they are great to use when you are decorating for Christmas and the holidays.
easy fall craft to make

Use this same process to make patriotic lanterns

Follow the steps from above and you can create this 4th of July lantern.  We found a small flag at the store and carefully unstapled it from the stick. Modpodge it onto the smooth mason jar. Use the matte modpodge for this project since you are only putting in on the flag. Add lights and some artificial flowers if you want.  We used blue and white twine around the rim in lieu of ribbon!

4th of July craft

Find more fun and easy fall crafts.. our favorite is the no carve pumpkins!

pumpkin decorating

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