A New Years Eve Game

Gather the guests for Father Time Bingo!

new years eve party game

A New Years Eve game that is fun for all ages is New Year Bingo! We play it with a variation on the usual Bingo. We custom make our own cards and then let all the players fill in them in using a Word Bank. The Word Bank is a list of all words pertaining to New Years Eve. So each player fills in their card, the designated game host, has a list of all the words, pulls them from a basket and calls them out. We play a few games using different winning Bingos, from straight horizontal, vertical or diagonal to Cover the entire board. It is always fun and works great when you have a variety of age groups too. We play it progressive so that the prizes get better with each round. We may start with a dollar, move to an assortment of lottery tickets, then to a gift card.. you get the idea. The last game determines Father (or Mother) Time and I get New Year's party goods to decorate the winner accordingly.

New Years Eve Bingo Game.. Print and Play                                                                       New Years Eve Bingo Instructions
New Years Eve Bingo Word Pulls
New Years Eve Bingo Word Bank
New Years Eve Bingo Board

Here's another fun Holiday Trivia game that is perfect for your New Year's Celebration

While this New Years Eve game is fun for a whole family, it was a blast playing at an adult New Years Party! Look at the prize table.. what a cache of everything from wine to holiday decorations to great gift cards like Amazon and Starbucks.. it really made for competitive play as everyone wanted to win one of those great prizes!!!

See how to plan a New Years Eve party with all the family and the kids too~!!  So many great ideas. Our favorite New Years Eve game for the kids is the Bubble Wrap dance!

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