Free Super Bowl Trivia Game

super bowl trivia game

A Super Bowl Trivia quiz is sure to make your Super Bowl party half time extra fun! With the competition break on the field, and in between rating the television commercials, here's a clever Super Bowl party game I made for our celebration last year. You the game play on teams or individually. It's premise is Name That Team. There are clues for each of the NFL teams. Without a master list of all the teams, let's see if you can guess which team corresponds to the clues!  It's not as easy as it sounds!

Just cut apart the clues and place in a helmet (if you have one.. if not use a basket). Pass it around and let the team or player draw and make a guess. If they miss the answer, it goes back into the helmet. The last page goes to the party planner as it is the answer key. You will see that there are some questions worth more points. You can assign points if you are keeping score. 

We played this last Thanksgiving and aptly named it Turkey Tailgate, as what is a better tradition than Thanksgiving and Football!  Print your free copy from the link at the bottom!

We played it using Mardi Gras bead in the competing team colors.. one strand for each correct answer! Here is a great deal on METALLIC MARDI GRAS BEADS The winners got instant lottery tickets or if you have a bigger budget, you could give them a team themed gift, like a hat, scarf or mug!

More printable Super Bowl Trivia games here:

Can YOU tackle trivia? Super Bowl party gamesSuper Bowl party games for guys AND girls!
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