Baby Shower Cupcakes

Up, Up and Away with these easy baby shower cupcakes

Baby Shower Cupcakes are the perfect addition to your celebration dessert table. This idea is so simple and easy you can do it yourself! Plus you can adapt it to a theme you may be working around OR it can be your the baby shower theme! So Up, Up and Away we go as we show you how to create this special balloon cupcakes display.
baby shower cupcakes

How adorable is this... you bake your regular sized cupcakes and frost them in a rainbow of colors, then arrange them on a long sheet of bulletin board paper.  Using a marker, draw the balloon strings and pull them all together and draw a great big bow where they meet. In this display, they drew the bow and put a cupcake right on top. You could also use real ribbons and tape them onto the bottom of some of the cupcakes.  This balloon bouquet dessert was for a baby's first birthday.. but it is perfect for a baby shower or for a gender reveal party! Theme the balloons in pink or blue or whatever colors you may chosen for the paper goods! To color the frosting, use food coloring drops added to white frosting.  This idea is beyond creative, easy and inexpensive! Your guests will all be oohing and ahhing when they see this display!

Baby Rattle Cupcakes

baby shower cupcake idea  great idea for baby shower desserts

Our dear friend, Janet,  from Chicago made this beautiful and creative baby shower dessert.. she created a rattle our of cupcakes.. This just couldn't be any cuter and what a gorgeous display! Thank you Janet for sharing!

More Baby Shower Cupcakes

baby shower cupcakes

Look at this adorable idea for making baby shower cupcake bouquets.. they can serve as your baby shower desserts and decorations!  Learn how to make the planter base yourself and a tutorial on how to assemble the cupcake presentation.. love that you can color theme this to your shower!

baby shower desserts

Add this Baby fruit display to your desserts for a healthy addition!  So easy to make the watermelon shell into a cradle! Or learn how to make a cakepop centerpiece which you can color theme too!  Take a look at some of our other festive baby shower dessert ideas.

diaper cake

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