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back to school supplies for teachers

Here a creative DIY back to school teachers gift idea. Make your favorite teacher an apple filled with school supplies!  This one is so easy that our own little girl helped to make one for her pre-school teacher. Teachers are always spending their own money each fall to refurbish their classrooms and have new supplies on hand for their students, over and above what is on the back to school supplies list.  So for under $5 you can create an apple for your teacher and fill it with some of those very items. Here's how you do it!

How to make this Back to School teachers gift!

Here is all you need to craft up an apple for your the special teachers in your or your child's life.  A small mason jar, clear or even red will do. Acrylic bright red craft paint, a sponge paint brush, some stickers, twine and of course the back to school supplies you choose to place in your apple!

easy craft for pre-schooler
teacher gift craft

Here's our own little doll making one for her teacher! The sponge paint brush which was .39 cents made it an easy and mess free project!

Step by step instructions for this Back to School craft for teachers

1. Paint the mason jar red. We used an acrylic bright red craft paint and a sponge paint brush

2. Make two leaves and glue on a small stick. Glue the stick on the stem portion and then glue on the smaller leaf.I did these freehand but feel free to use them if you need a template. They were about 2 and 1.5 inches each

teacher gift back to school

3. Tie a piece of twine around the jar, add the teachers name to the leaf and glue on.. Add a sticker and fill with supplies!

teacher gift idea

Here is the assortment we made in about an hour, allowing for paint drying time.. just enough time for younger kids to handle the project.  They will enjoy this and we are sure coming from a family of 3 teachers, that the teacher will love it!  It's just a nice Back to School welcome for their new teacher!

Another Teacher gift idea for Back to School

teacher appreciation gift ideas

This back to school teachers supply cake would be a welcome addition to any classroom and greatly appreciated by the teacher for sure!  We made this one for our own first grade teacher.  You can never have enough supplies even with what the kids bring in!  This one is a bit more complicated but would make a wonderful project for the Class Mothers!  You can get our free e-book with step by step instructions to make this great gift for your favorite teacher. It will take you about 45 minutes once you have all the supplies on hand.

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