Planning a Bridal Shower for an out of town Bride

Both of our daughters live a plane flight away from home.  When they became engaged, of course,  we wanted to have the bridal shower here at home. The challenge.. what to do with the gifts.  See how we solved this problem and had a wonderful celebration.

While the girls wanted their shower at home, we were challenged as to how we would get the gifts back.  This challenge led to this great idea.  We found these great 4"x6" paper picture frames that could go in the envelope.  Then we wrote a poem asking our guests to send their gift directly to the bride and simply insert a photo of the gift in the frame. Wrap it up and bring to the shower! 

Amazon has these great Multi-color Paper Photo Frames
bridal shower idea

The package of frames come with twine and colored clothespins.  So we hung the twine and the bridesmaid clipped on the frames showing the gifts. It was colorful, creative and made it easy for the guests and the bride!  See below two poems we wrote for each daughter. We paper clipped it right onto the frame and popped it in with the invitation.

Here are the poems we wrote for each daughter's shower

bridal shower gifts
bridal shower for out of town bride

You can download these tags right here.  Download the first set of tags with the car graphic.  Download the second set of tags with the bride graphic.

Here's our happy happy bride!  It was such a happy and fun day.  Everyone loved our cute Bubbly Bar. YOu can see that idea for a bridal shower here!

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