Couples Bridal Shower Ideas

Best Couples Bridal Shower Theme ever
Kentucky Derby Day!

bridal shower invitation

These Couples bridal shower ideas made for one of our best celebrations ever!  Who doesn't love the Kentucky Derby?  It is a fabulous bridal shower theme that we used  to "Celebrate our couple down the homestretch" on Derby Day in May.  Note the Kentucky Derby is always run on the first Saturday in May. However, you can adapt these bridal shower ideas for any time of the year by turning it into "A Day At The Races" shower theme. This bridal shower theme made it so easy to plan everything from the invitations, to the food, to games and our allowed us to create our most favorite homemade bridal shower favor EVER!  We got started by designing these funny bridal shower invitations using the horse graphics. You can see our bridal shower invitation here.. we put together a clever poem on the back with all the details! We designed these ourselves at Zazzle our favorite place to create everything and anything!!

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Homemade Bridal Shower Favors that were a HUGE hit!

kentucky derby hats

The perfect homemade bridal shower favors for our theme?? Hats, of course and we made them ourselves for under $3.00 a hat. Learn how to decorate hats and display them for your own bridal shower. These would be so adorable for other themed parties or even a great idea for a creative Derby Dolls Halloween costume!

co-ed bridal shower idea
tea party bridal shower

Look at how cute our Derby Grandmothers and Ladies look in their colorful hats!

Derby Dollars.. our Bridal Shower Game!!!

kentucky derby party game
kentucky derby game

With this great theme, fun bridal shower games are a must! We set up a game stand, Derby Dollars! Each guest received 3 Derby Dollars. We had buckets labeled for each horse in the race. The guests put their 3 picks for the horses of their choice into the appropriate bucket. At the end of the race, we drew two Derby Dollars from the buckets representing the horses that came in 1st, 2nd and 3rd and awarded prizes. So fun, everyone gathered to watch the race. Our niece served as the "Event Bookie" giving out the dollars and sheets with the odds for each horse in the race. See how we did our Derby Dollars game here.

Easy Bridal Shower Food Ideas

bridal shower desserts

Our easy bridal shower menu was just what you would expect on raceday.. a picnic themed buffet of sandwiches, salads, fruits and pastas. We served lemonade, iced tea as well as sangria, wine and beer.  We even had Mint Juleps, although no one was very enamoured with their taste!!  The dessert table couldn't have been cuter. A shout out to my creative friend Patti, who found these adorable mini cupcake stands for her daughter's baby shower. She lent them to me for our use and we made dozens of mini-cupcakes and displayed them the same way! My sister ordered personalized MnM's. We made chocolate dipped strawberries and platters of homemade cookies and our family favorite: cake balls. See how to make cake balls. I think it was much better than a sheet cake and such a pretty presentation!

Another couples bridal shower theme
Host an Oct"TWO"berfest shower

Host a couples bridal shower using an Oct"TWO"berfest theme.  We did this for a baby shower for our upcoming twins but it would be so clever for a bridal shower, especially a couples bridal shower. Just change up the wording to celebrate the couple with this play on words inviting them to an Oct"TWO"berfest!  For example, Let's Celebrate TWO  great friends who make one great couple!  We did brats and brew, no leiderhosen required. Add an ommpah music sound track.  It was great fun with pumpkins and fall decorations.  You can see how we did it for a baby shower here and may be able to use some of those ideas! 

bridal or baby shower theme
bridal shower favors

Decorate mini pumpkins and those are both your favors and your decorations. See how to make this adorable favor here.

It's Time for the Bridal Shower Gifts!

bridal shower poems

Here's a creative Bridal shower gift that is perfect for a Couples Bridal shower. It is a wine basket with printable bridal shower poems attached to each bottle.  Have the wedding party gift a bottle to the couple as they read these fun, funny and clever poems that celebrate each of the "firsts" together.. First Anniversary, First Christmas, First Fight and even First Baby.  This gift adds some entertainment to the shower and the couple gets a fantastic gift!  You can see the Bridal Shower Poems here!

jack and jill bridal shower ideas

It was such a nice evening that the kids opened their gifts out on the patio! One of the most creative presents they received was the gift of the Red Plate Tradition.. a beautiful red china plate with You Are Special painted around the rim. It has a rich tradition behind it that the kids can start as they begin their together. The poem that was attached couldn't be cuter. You can learn about the Red Plate tradition here. The poem is there and free to print too. These fun bridal shower ideas made for an extra special celebration of the kid's upcoming nuptials!

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