A Fun and Bubbly Bridal Shower Theme

We love to theme all our celebrations so bridal showers are no different. This one is Bubbling Over with Love!  We set up a Bubbly bar and had everyone blowing bubbles while the bride was opening her gifts and on the way out of the shower.  It was both fun and funny. Here's how we set up our Bubbly bar

We had an assortment of both alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages, each marked with a cute play on words for the description.  We added some seltzer water to add some sparkle to the non alcoholic drinks too.

bridal shower theme

One of the bridesmaids had this adorable sign made which we placed over the bar area!

bridal shower theme

As I mentioned, the girls put names in front of each pitcher with a love theme!

bridal shower idea

You can see the Pucker UP in front of the limeade. The Bloody Mary was tagged, Will you MARY me?

bridal shower theme

Cute cpation under the lemonade.  There was a pomegranite and berry seltzer with proscecco which was captioned "Berry in love".  Finally the traditional mimosa of orange juice and champagne. The tag line here was "Orange you glad you're getting married!"

The clever tag lines were real conversation starters!

These bubble wands were so great..  no drips, no mess just FUN!

You can get these Wilton Love Knot Bubble Wand 36/Pkg at Amazon and they are PRIME eligible too. At $6.75 for 36 you can beat it! It was so fun seeing the bubbles all over the room as she opening her gifts!

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