How To Add A Candy Buffet To Your Wedding Reception

how to make a wedding candy buffe

Candy Buffets are the newest trend that I have seen at weddings. They are cute, colorful and so popular with all the guests. AND they serve as a creative wedding favor idea! There is planning involved in adding this fun idea to your celebration. In talking with some recent brides, we gleaned great advice and ideas for adding a candy dessert bar to any wedding.

Here was the beautiful candy bar at a recent wedding

wedding candy buffet ideas

Candy.. where and how much to buy

Let’s start with the candy. Do you want to theme your candy bar to your wedding colors or perhaps to the season at hand. Seasonally themed candy selections could be red, green and candy canes for a holiday season wedding, Halloween candy for an October wedding, conversation hearts for a v-day season wedding, easter candy for that time of year.. you get the idea. So decide what you want your candy buffet to be!

“How much candy do I need” .. in checking with my recent brides, it appears the run of thumb is ½ pound of candy per guest. So, 100 guests equals 50 pounds of candy. They both suggested that you choose no more than 8 -10 types of candy and divide equally between the total amount you need. In our example of 100 guests, with 10 types of candy, you need 5 pounds per item.

Now the fun part – Choose your Candy – Our brides used the candy buffet on Amazon which is a great online resource for bulk candy. They have a menu of candies by color, as well as old fashioned candies like atomic fireballs, gummy bears, jelly beans and old time flavored candy sticks… so shop away. You should order your candy at least 6 weeks in advance of the wedding date. In addition to candy, one of our brides had homemade cookies, brownies and fudge as a part of her candy buffet. Her Mom had baked them all! A word of caution about chocolate..avoid it all costs if your reception is outdoors or in a venue without air conditioning.

Candy Buffet Supplies

How to Display the Candy? You can buy the big glass or acrylic candy jars like these. You can also use an assortment of baskets, lined with fabric or color themed cloth napkins. They don’t have to match, so borrow an assortment from all your friends. Make sure that you label their name on the bottoms,so they can returned after the wedding. Feel free to adorn your containers with ribbons and tulle and you can attach a tag or label with candy name on it. One of my brides suggested that in retrospect, she would have talked to her engaged friends and shared the costs of the containers and scoops. The candy buffet would go from wedding to wedding!

candy buffet ideas for wedding

You will also need Candy Scoops.. keep those to the smaller size or you will certainly run out of candy. These candy scoops from Beau Coup are the perfect size and received excellent reviews from brides who used them for their own candy bars.

Personalized Wedding Candy Bags

Finally, you need  bags or boxes for the guests to fill with the candy.  I have seen both paper bags and small take-out cartons used. These are the perfect size at 3.75" x 2.5" x 5.75".  You don’t want containers that are too large or again, you will run out of candy too quickly. The custom labels and bows come with them too!

A DIY idea for your candy buffet

Here's another easy idea to add to your display of candy .. if you can make address labels, you can make these personalized mini candy bars.. so cute and super easy.. see how to make these personalized candy bars here.

Tips for working with your venue on your candy buffet

One final piece of advice.. make sure your venue will set this up for you (without an additional cost). Go over exactly how you want it displayed.. size of table, table linen color, place in the room, will their staff replenish the containers, when and to whom you will drop off the supplies. If they do not want to do it.. ask a couple of your close friends if they will go to the venue that morning and set it up for you! 

We think a candy bar would be so fun at a rehearsal dinner.. theme the table 'REHEARSING FOR THE SWEETEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE"! Here are some of our own ideas for the rehearsal dinner

Come and visit our Planning A Wedding section for creative and budget friendly ideas, advice and tips on everything from celebrating the engagement, to planning the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner and the wedding! We have lots of experience as we are on wedding#3 in as many years!

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