A Fun Care Package Idea

Wish your traveling student "Bon Voyage" by creating a personalized t-shirt

This care package idea started with my son and his fraternity brothers" at University of Michigan. They loved the college care packages I would routinely send their way. As they headed off on spring break their junior year for 10 days of fun in the sun, I created a spring break care box complete with personalized t-shirts that they all wore on the plane!

creative college care package idea

As a result, I had to recycle this idea for my daughter when she and her friends were headed to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on their spring break! They all left for Florida with colorful personalized t-shirts which they wore on the plane and on the beach.  When she goes for her semester abroad next year.. you can be sure there will be a set of shirts ready!

How to create your own college care package t-shirts

Step 1 Find t-shirts. All the craft stores like Michaels, AC Moore and Joann's run great sales on their stock of t-shirts. Look for the 5 for $10 ads. At $2.00 a shirt you can't go wrong. Plus they all have a great assortment of colors and all sizes. Choose something bright and lively for this fun care package idea!

Step 2 Purchase "T-Shirt Transfer Sheets"  These sheets are sold separately for Dark or Light colored fabrics and are for use with inkjet printers. Choose the one that matches the shirts. This is important as the directions are different! Before you start, read the directions carefully! They are easy but you need to make sure you follow them. Amazon is a great source for these!

For LIGHT colored t-shirts

For DARK colored t-shirts

Step 3 Design a logo on your computer and print it onto the transfer sheet on your inkjet computer. Since I was using bright colored shirts, I used the transfer sheet for Dark colored t-shirts. This is important as the directions are different.

make a personalized tshirt

Design your logo, print on the transfer paper, let dry and trim

Peel the backing off the transfer paper

Step 4  After printing the logo on the sheets, let dry for 5 minutes until the ink dries and trim around the design. Peel the backing off the logo.  The transfer itself will be a thin, pliable material.

make your own tshirt

Position your logo on the sheet

making a tshirt

 Cover with the parchment paper that comes in the transfer package and iron!

Step 5  Position your logo onto the "pre-washed" shirt and place the piece of the parchment paper that comes in the package over the logo. NOW.. re-read the directions on ironing and iron.  Your iron works as a heat press. Put your iron on a flat surface.. not an ironing board. I lay a pillowcase on top of my silestone/granite countertop and iron there. You could also place a piece of heavy cardboard, covered with a pillowcase on a tabletop and iron there. Turn your iron to high/cotton. Do not use any steam or your fun care package idea will melt!

A couple of hints: do not press over the logo for longer than instructed. You are pressing for less than 45 seconds. Let cool, then peel the parchment paper off. Next I always then use another piece of parchment paper and lay it over the logo and press again for 10 seconds only. This provides an extra seal for the design. Let cool, peel off and your shirt is done!

make your own tshirt

Here are the finished products.. colorfully displayed on their Spring Break BEACH!

Love this idea but have neither the time nor inclination to do these yourself..simply visit Cafe Press  or 

Zazzle who will make the Hottest T-Shirts - Made within 24 Hours! and they will do it for you!
Screen Printed T-Shirts at Zazzle

This fun care package idea can be adapted to so many events. Make your own t-shirts for family reunions. These make awesome party favors. Make t-shirts for students going on a "semester abroad" program as a bon voyage gift for them and their fellow travelers! If you scan this site, you will see so many celebrations that get an added spark from personalized t-shirts!

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