Easy Christmas Crafts for Preschoolers

christmas crafts preschool

Easy Christmas crafts for preschoolers are a popular topic here at Celebration Ideas Online. We get lots of emails asking us for ideas for Christmas crafts that the kids can actually do themselves. The teachers want projects that are easy, inexpensive and will turn out looking good..remember you are dealing with 3 and 4 year olds.  So here we have a few that were submitted by an experienced preschool teacher.. so they are tried and tested!

Toilet paper roll Reindeers

preschool christmas craft

How easy is this one... four supplies ...  a toiler paper roll,  two candy canes, a pair of google eyes and a red pom pom! The kids paint the toilet paper roll brown.  Next glue on the googly eyes and the pom pom.  Final step.. put glue on the candy canes and press into the toilet paper roll.  That's it.. you are done and these easy Christmas crafts for preschoolers are ready to adorn the Christmas tree! When crafting with a preschool class, always ask for a fe parent volunteers..that is always a huge help!

Glitter Angels

preschool christmas craft idea
christmas craft to make
christmas craft for preschoolers

These beautiful angels are another easy Christmas craft for preschoolers.  Find an angel pattern and cut out of heavy cardstock.  This is the only preparation the teacher has! Each child then paints their angel with metallic paints. There are all colors in the craft stores from ice blue to silver to gold.. so choose a variety! As soon as the children paint their angel, sprinkle glitter on the wet paint and let dry.  Once dry,  let the kids add the decorations.. gold pipecleaner for a halo and the rolls of little pearls that you can find in the ribbon section of the craft stores are a perfect decoration!

Here is the snowy crafting glitter that the teacher used on this project. It looks beautiful but you could use any color of regular glitter too.

Cupcake Christmas Tree Ornament Craft

easy christmas crafts to make

And here is the final suggestion for Christmas crafts for preschoolers... a cupcake ornament!  Supplies again are easy... a plastic colored ball ornament, make sure you use the plastic ones for no breaking; pom pom; glitter or cake sprinkles, cupcake liners , thin ribbon and tacky glue.  To make this easy preschool craft, dilute the tacky glue with a little water and paint it onto the top half of the ornament.  While still wet, roll the area in glitter or sprinkles and set to dry.  Once dried, use the tacky glue to attach the cupcake liner to the base and add the pom pom to the top.  Let everything dry, then glue on the thin ribbon which makes the hanger.

Christmas craft ideas

Here's another easy craft that you can make for your preschooler... make Frosty out of a tealight.. the kids love to turn him off and on! The ornament is plastic so it won't break so perfect for little ones! See how to make these easy christmas crafts for preschoolers here!

For more fun, easy and creative Holiday Ideas.. visit our HOLIDAY FUN section with suggestions for family traditions, more crafts, Christmas games and unique Christmas gift ideas!

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