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christmas crafts ideas

Today we share Christmas crafts ideas. We love our family tradition of creating Christmas crafts , especially ornaments that each year adorn our tree!  So this year's craft is making RUDOLPH, the red nosed reindeer out of a tealight. This one is so simple that it is a great Christmas craft for kids. Once you have all the supplies, assembly is quick and easy and the finished product as you can see is beyond adorable! Follow below and see how to make this easy Christmas craft and take a look at some of our prior year ornaments as well as some easy Christmas crafts for pre-schoolers too!

Supplies you need for these Christmas crafts ideas

Here is all you need to create Rudolph from a simple tea light. 

1.Small LED tealights like these .

2. Brown chenille pipe cleaner stems

3. Googly eyes - the 7 ml size scale perfectly on the tealight

4. Christmas ribbon - thicker to make the bowtie and a thin piece of gold to make the hanger

5. A red and black permanent marker

6. Tacky Glue or Elmers Glue All and a glue gun

Yes, that is all you need to have on hand.. now follow below as we put the ornament together!

How to make this easy Christmas Ornament craft

Step 1: Color the tealight red with a permanent marker

Step 2: Add a smile with a black fine tip permanent marker

Step 3: Glue on the googly eyes and a knotted piece of the ribbon for his scarf

Next, how to make and add the antlers from the brown pipe cleaners

Step 1: Fold pipecleaner in half to form a V. Then bend in half again and wrap around the pipecleaner around to form a thick V. Leave a small loop at the top of each upper end.

Step 2: Take a second pipecleaner and feed it through the loop at the top and as you wind it down the original V shaped stem, add the small antler details.Go down one side and do the same going up the other side

Step 3: This is how the finished antlers should look. You can press the pieces together so that there is no open spaces! Next glue the antlers to the back of the tealight. A glue gun works best to hold it in place. Last step add the ribbon hanger.

Here is the finished Christmas ornament craft.. both lit and unlit

christmas craft ideas
christmas ornament craft idea

Take a look below at more of our Christmas crafts ideas that you can use for your own holiday crafting!

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