A Great Christmas Gift For College Kids

Help Fund Their Spring Break!

creative christmas gift idea

Finding a great Christmas gift for college kids is always a challenge. One of my most creative Christmas gifts went to our son. He and his fellow "Pink and Purple" housemates out at University of Michigan had planned a spring break trip to Acapulco. When he was home that Thanksgiving, he commented that his money situation was tenuous.. he had his Spring Break money saved but laughingly said he would get down there and be broke. So I knew right then and there.. forget the shirts and sweaters this Christmas.. he needed money. My mind went to work.

Best ever Christmas gift for college kids!

best christmas gift for college kids

 This one is so easy but the kids LOVED it. Here is how I made this gift for our college son off to his spring break a few months after the holidays.  I designed and made this t-shirt, wrote a poem and bought a Visa gift card. We gave him the Visa gift card for the amount of money we would have spent on other gifts. I then wrapped up some free gifts from our AAA Auto Club like a map of Mexico, a tour book of Acapulco and a fact book on visiting Mexico. With all those goodies, he did have a pile of gifts under the tree. This Christmas gift has always been a hit with our own college kids!

Here's how you can make your own personal t-shirt for this Christmas gift for college kids

funny christmas gift for college student

college spring break idea

Can you believe that this was the villa they rented in Acapulco? It came with a maid, a cook and a driver. I want to trade lives with these guys!

Needless to say.. this Christmas gift for our college student was a huge hit and provided lots of Christmas morning laughs! It was a lot more fun than just giving him a check.. he had the best of both worlds.. a gift that he needed and presents under the tree. This is also a great gift if your student is going abroad for second semester! It will be especially appreciated for European travelers as the exchange rate makes Europe quite expensive.

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