Fun Christmas Party Activities

Funniest Gift Exchange Game ever!

Christmas party activities can include games and here is one of our favorite family Christmas party games that was created by one of our favorite printable games resources What we love is the fun twist this game adds to the traditional gift exchange, or Yankee auction games. We played it at Thanksgiving and it was great and the trading got rather heated as everyone was vying to trade for the HOLIDAY MONEY TREE gift! This Christmas party activity would be a perfect office Christmas party game!

Here is how it works - everyone brings a wrapped gift OR in our version Mom had bought all the gifts.. some great like the Money Tree and the movie tickets and others funny and goofy like the holiday hair scrunchies and jingle bell earrings. We had the little kids in elf hats hand out the gifts to all the crew.  Each person opened their gift and displayed it to everyone. Now the fun begins.. everyone drew three of the printable exchange coupons and the trading began.  The coupons are quite clever.. with coupons like TRADE with the person who has the best smile  TRADE with anyone wearing a watch.. you can see some more samples below! There are 45 of them in the printable download. As you can imagine, whoever had the money tree was definately the person wth the best smile! You exchange gifts until all the coupons are gone and at that point everyone keeps the gift they are holding! It was easy to organize providing lots of laughs and comments for sure! If you were doing this for an office Christmas party activitiy you simply set ask everyone to bring a wrapped gift of their choice. You could set a dollar limit or for more fun let everyone simply bring what they want.. you will get more diversity of gifts to trade that way!

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More Fun Christmas Party Activities

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