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Play Holiday Bunco - Roll the dice and pick a present!

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Looking for a fun Christmas party game idea? Check out our Holiday Bunco game. Bunco is a dice game with rolling for doubles as the ultimate goal. We played a modified version of it last Christmas and it was a big hit. This one works great for all ages and is even a good office Christmas party game. If you ever saw "The Office" Christmas auction show, you can see how funny this idea is for an office Christmas party.

christmas game
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Don't I look like one of Oprah's elves when she used to do her "Favorite Things" Christmas give-away show? Sure the kids are mortified that these shots are live on the web!

For our family gathering, I put together all the gifts. I have "regifts" from the attic, buy some seasonal odds and ends and throw in a couple of really good gifts, like gift cards. I also do 2 tables.. one for the under 12 group and one for the rest. For your game or office Christmas party, you ask everyone to bring a wrapped gift with a clue taped to it. The clue refers to what is in the package. The gift could be joke, could be a "regift" or could be something nice.

Here's how to play Holiday Bunco. We go youngest to oldest and everyone rolls the dice. If you get "doubles" you get to pick a package from the table. No touching or picking up.. just read the clue taped to the wrapped package and choose! Read the clue aloud and open the gift. You continue around the group until everyone has a gift. Now the real fun begins ... we set the kitchen timer for 20 minutes and everyone again from oldest to youngest rolls the dice. If they get doubles, they can "steal" someone else's gift. The rolling continues around the group until the timer goes off. Depending on how little your kids are, you may want to "rethink" the steal part of the game for them. Perhaps just let them open their gifts and enjoy watching the adults grab gifts! When the timer goes off, the game is over and we move onto the dessert table! Happy Holidays!

Here are some of the clues I made up for our family Christmas party Bunco game. You can see the clue and then what I gave as the gift below it.

For our game, I handed out this clue list so everyone could look and see what gift they wanted

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