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Having a Christmas tradition is a special way to celebrate the holidays. Our crew has always gone to Maryland to spend the holidays at my parents house. There are 22 of us who all gather there. We sleep at each others houses or on an aero-bed or on a couch.. wherever there’s a spot! The kids loved it so much, that they were all willing to maneuver their schedules be it sports, college and now work, to make sure we were all there together. It may only be 72 hours, but the tradition has remained in tact.

christmas eve tradition

My sister always does Christmas Eve. The kids all bring their pj’s and it is always an extravaganza. When our oldest daughter was 5, she decided that there must be a “show”! The very first one was an action version of my sister’s favorite Christmas song, “Winter Wonderland”.. yes, they were all ringing the sleigh bells and putting their hands to their ears to make sure everyone was “listening”! It was a huge success and another Christmas tradition was born.

Our Christmas Tradition Continues to the next generation

christmas eve
christmas eve tradition

And our Christmas Eve tradition has continued with the next generation. This year the twins became the shepherds at the manger and sang out Joy to the World.  Look at how easy their costumes were to put together!  They loved it and so did we!  See some of our other Christmas Eve entertainments over the years

Twas The Night Before Christmas

christmas tradition

25 years ago  "... and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a mouse!"

The Twelve Days of Christmas

fun family christmas tradition

This was a fun one.. they gifted all the family one of the days of Christmas! They changed up the words and sang away.  Our favorite was "On the fifth day of Christmas our true love gave to us 5 GLOWING GRANDMAS".. and gave her light up earrings, bracelet and necklace! She loved it!

Karaoke Christmas Eve Entertainment

One year my sister rented a karaoke machine for "Karaoke Christmas". You can find rentals at any music or party store. I think her initial idea was that we would all sing Christmas carols… not with this group! It became a mini “American Idol” with everyone taking a turn and the “judges” making Simon Cowell look like a cream puff.

It's amazing..but this family Christmas tradition has stood the test of time. Even as they hit college and older.. they are still entertaining all of us each Christmas Eve!

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

christmas eve party idea

We loved how the older kids kept the this tradition going with the younger ones.. 15 years ago it Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer!

A Go Blue Christmas Eve Song

christmas eve tradition

This year may have been my Dad's favorite! Dad is a University of Michigan alumni whose devotion to his alma mater fostered two of our four to end up as students there. So their entertainment .. they took the Michigan fight song "Hail To The Victors" and changed up the words. Put the music on a CD and it was a sing a long. See How They Changed The Words

Christmas Eve Fun and Games

It's not only singing and skits.. over the years they have brought out games like Holiday Trivia and Santa Bingo ( which are free printables!) and one year they had their own version of the kids game Guess Who? They made a Christmasey frame template on the computer and taped pictures of famous people in it.. printed them all... then we all had to GUESS who was who. The easiest one.. Marlon Brando as the Godfather - Grandpa of course! Here's our free printable of the frame template in case you want to add this to your own Christmas celebration

Traditions are a wonderful part of the fabric of your family memories. So start the conversation going with your little ones and of course, you will need to be the “Executive Producer” helping with costuming, props and anything else that may be needed. None of these ideas cost more than a few dollars but are worth millions in memories! If you enjoyed this Christmas Tradition Idea...head back to Holiday Fun for more

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