Preparing A College Application Activity Sheet
Some tips to make yours stand out!

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A college application activity sheet is your opportunity to shine. During our tenure with college applications, I have seen hundreds of activity sheets. A piece of advice..use this tool to its greatest value.. let the admissions counselors learn something about you that they will not see on the rest of your application. Spotlight aspects of yourself that may differentiate you from your fellow applicants, but always keep it real!

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The number one tip in preparing your college application activity sheet.. Keep it to one page .. keep it simple .. keep it easy to read. This means no fancy fonts, clip art, or complicated spreadsheets.

Avoid a laundry list of one time events. Focus on activities that show a depth of commitment. Always list your activities in order of their strength in your overall resume. Usually an extended commitment in one area, will involve multiple activities. List the years of participation in your activities. Repeated participation in an activity shows your dedication to it.

Employment is important. Holding a job speaks to your responsibility and reliability. Working to earn your own money shows tenacity, determination and ability to work with people. If you have never held a summer job, but did something else that would enhance your college application activity, make sure that is listed. For example, you volunteered, you traveled, you participated in summer school or you attended a summer program at a college or university. In talking with guidance and admission counselors over the years, having work experience is a positive. So make sure to add that lifeguarding or Mother's helper job onto your resume.

A sports focused resume should include any service projects you may have performed as a student athlete. Many teams sponsor food and clothing drives, summer camps, kid's clinics and charity fundraisers. These are important aspects of your high school athletic experience and should be highlighted. Make sure you list any individual or team accomplishments in addition to just enumerating your years of participation.

I cannot stress this enough .. do not use the valuable space on your college application activity sheet to list your advanced classes, GPA, SAT scores etc. .. that will be detailed in your transcript. Again, use this tool to let the admissions counselor get to see you as the wonderful person you most surely are!

See some examples of college application activity sheets and how to set them up.

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