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Your college student will love this monthly care package idea

creative college care package ideas

Here's a fun college care package idea! We all know how much the kids love getting a care package. So we've got an idea that will make it so easy for you to create a monthly tradition that will surely become a highly anticipated gift from home!  It's our COLLEGE CARE PACKAGE BY THE MONTH!!  We give you a FREE list for each month of fun and funny ideas themed on the letters that spell out that month. If you use your creativity, you can come up with even more ingredient ideas! 

Our Monthly College Care Package Idea

what to put in a college care package

I always love to theme our college packages to the kids.. so here is a creative care package idea that the kids just loved! I would create a Care Package of the month using the letter of the spelling of the month!! I add a copy of calendar page for the month I was sending the care package. I would circle special dates like birthdays and special holidays like Halloween. The loved it as they laughed at my creative ideas for the letters. For example, in May which is exam month, you could send a bag of Munchies or MnM's for M, apples or DVD like Avatar or Animal House for A and add yogurt covered pretzels, a box of Yodels or in our house anything NY Yankees for Y! Of course, I circle Mother's Day on the calendar that month!!  Grab your fellow Moms and use this idea to hold a Care Package Party! Here is everything you will need to send a monthly themed care package to your college student. We've put together a free printable with ideas for every month!

creative college care package ideas
college care package idea for exam week
what to put in a college care package

Here are some examples of our ingredients for various months as well as one for exam time. This is how we outlined every month in our free printable of this great monthly college care package idea!  The download may take a little time as it a large file with ideas for every month and one for exam time too! The kids loved it and their friends looked forward to it too! It always guaranteed a call home!

college care packages to make

One of our Celebration Ideas Online community members Vonnie, gathered her friends to make these monthly care packages and was kind enough to send us a picture of her daughter's October box laid out on her dorm bed! This idea is a proven winner!

More Creative College Care Package Ideas

Here are some more fun ideas for "What to put in a College Care Package"!

Get ready for college football season with a Tailgate themed BBQ IN A BOX!

Check out our Exam College Care Package for girls  too!

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