It will chase away the homesick blues

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This college care package idea is sure to shoo away those homesick blues. Remember when they were small.. a few tears like these would be gone with a big hug. Well sometimes that's all they need even when they get big. Yes, even the most well adjusted student gets homesick. It may be the stress of school or having the flu away from home or just missing family. Most all the time, it is short-lived. But here's a fun idea to send to off to your student who may be struggling a bit with the homesick bug! So here's a way to send that hug! It's cheap and easy and will at least get them laughing.
I have a couple that have brought a ton of good cheer, but the biggest hit was the "Ben Stiller In A Box" Movie Marathon package.

STEP 1 Pick a theme.
I used Ben Stiller movies. Number 1 because they used to watch them while they were at home. Number 2, they are funny movies that I knew would get them laughing!

STEP 2 Check out the selection
Go straight to Amazon.com They have a huge selection of older movies and have all kinds of free or cheap expedited shipping programs. Plus you can look at all the different categories and it may get your mind working. In my case, not all that familiar with Ben Stiller, I found a wealth of selections and the titles started ringing bells. I chose "Heavyweights", "Zoolander", "Dodgeball", "Anchorman" and "Meet The Parents" but there were tons more and best of all, they are all older and thus cheaper.
Other themes could be Will Ferrell, Adam Sandler, Shrek Marathon, Disney Classics, Talking Animals(ie: Babe, Air Bud, Stuart Little), ..the possibilities are limitless!

STEP 3 If you are having the movies shipped to you.. add microwave popcorn, chips, salsa, candy and OF COURSE.. BAKE COOKIES.. they are the best comfort food ever! If they are shipping straight from Amazon.. put a box of these goodies together and send in advance of the movie arrivals.

STEP 4 Of course you need a card.. Hallmark has some awesome singing cards that are enough to crack even the saddest mood and after all, that's the point of this package!
Personally, I cannot refrain from rhyming..so here was my note... I'm sure they loved the musical card better.. but these poems are like a tradition around here! The goofy poem may actually have gotten more laughs than the care package, but you know as Moms, we do what it takes!

Click here to see a larger version of the card

Mail with love!
I use Federal Express Ground for any college care package. I have found over the years that they are the cheapest and are very reliable.

This college care package is a great idea for a care package for anytime of the year too! Just think about their favorite movies or movie theme. It could be old timer like "The Sandlot" or "Annie" or any of the Disney classics. Or it could be multiple movies by one of their favorite stars. You know your kid best so be creative!

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