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Our unique college care packages began as our children left home. We created these so that family traditions and celebrations could travel right to them. The "Party In A Box" spread the fame of the crazy mom near and far. These fun and funny care packages were greeted with glee as they began arriving at campuses across the country! Explore the links below for some great ideas that will keep you connected to your college kid. You surely won't find a laundry list of the usual suspects like canned soup and cereal!

These "parties in a box" are pure fun even for the most cynical of groups. Take a look at all our our own creative care package ideas for our college students. They are themed for homesickness, exams, holidays and just for fun!

Send a "BBQ In A Box" Care Package!  This is the ultimate college care package idea! Ahhh, the constant sound of whining about the campus food.. here's an idea that will bring a huge smile to their faces and their stomachs! Plus you may become the most popular Mom on campus with this one! Especially good to kick off college football season!


Send a Tailgate Themed Care Package This is a great football season care package.. Tailgate Toss or also known as Cornhole. You'll see the students playing this all over campus before a big game. This care package not only made it through college but came back home and moved into their apartments!

College Care Packages Themed by Month Heard of Book of the Month?? Well take that concept and create a care package of the month .. theme it by the month. See how we did it! Includes a free printable with all the suggested ingredients for each month of the academic year... so easy to make yourself


Use the same idea to make an Exam Care Package to ease the stress of finals or midterms.Exam time is high stress on campuses.. send a care package that spells out fun and will put a smile on their face!!

halloween college care package idea

A Halloween care package idea! This was our youngest daughter's favorite care package.. a Halloween Dorm Decorating box!  The whole dorm was "Ghosted".. free printable so just print and pack it into the box with lots of Halloween decorations and candy!

what goes into a college care package
college care packages for girls

Send a Celebrate It! Care Package See how we celebrated a "weekend warrior" story for one of our boys.. it was the funniest care package ever.. his whole house loved it.

A perfect College Care Package for Girls One of our daughter's all time favorites.. an exam break in a box. It was met with lots of laughs and was a good de-stressing break for her and her friends during exam study week.

Send a "Get Ready to Go" box! A care package idea to get them ready for their spring break! I had my doubts when I sent this, but it was a huge hit.. you can see by the pictures they sent me!

Send "Laughter in a box"care package! Homesick blues? They all get hit by them.. send a box of laughs!

Gather your friends and hold a Care Package Party! Tips for making a great college care package and a fun idea to turn it into a "Girls Night Out".. you have fun and the kids get a great care package.. a win/win! 

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