Celebrating the College Education process
Advice for college applications, financial aid , saving money on textbooks and even furnishing your room!

getting into college

Surprise.. what is a section on college education doing on a website about celebration ideas????? Well, as parents of 4 college graduates we have lived through this phase of life and have some great tips and advice for parents and students of the college bound. If your child has made the decision to pursue a college education  ... CELEBRATE this awesome achievement. This section is dedicated to lessening the stress of the college selection and application process. There is advice on visiting and selecting colleges, completing college admissions applications, scholarship and financial aid and FAFSA applications. Once the final decisions have been made, see what you need to furnish a college dorm room and how to save money on college textbooks and how to make the best college care packages ever! Below you will find a list of all the topics that we cover in this section. We go through each and every phase of the college application, admission and acceptance process - written through the perspective of parents who have done all of this four times!  Wishing you each good luck with the process of obtaining a college education.. CELEBRATE it with all the information in this section, designed to de-stress this special time of life! 

The College Education Process "De-stressed"

All About College - Pick your Topic

college application advice
advice for applying to college
college dorm room move in

College Advice for Parents 
What you need to do before the student leaves for college

The Student FAFSA Application.. what it is, why you need to complete it and how to apply 

What to do if you are waitlisted for college? 

Furnishing a college dorm room on a budget 

Saving Money On College Textbooks

Advice On Helping Your Student With Their College Applications 

College Essay Help.. Advice For Writing Your College Application Essay 

How To Ask A Teacher For A College Recommendation Letter 

Top 7 Tips For Choosing A College 

Preparing Your College Application Activity Sheet

Sample College Application Activity Resumes

Paying For College.. Finding College Education Scholarships 

Help A Student...Write A Letter of Recommendation For Their College Application 

Ideas For Student Athletes to Earn Community Service Hours For College Resumes

Once the kids are settled in college ... great ideas for making College Care Packages.. the most prized possession on campus!

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