College Exam Care Package Idea

Make a care package for your college students to help make exam week easier!

This College Exam Care Package idea spells out fun! Exam or mid-term time is a tough one for college students.. late night studying, final term papers and projects, lack of sleep.. all a part of this time of year. Help put a smile on their faces with this homemade college care package idea.  You will get flooded from the residence hall with order forms for pre-made exam care packages.. they are expensive and not nearly as fun and creative as one you can easily make yourself.

college care package for exams

For this care package, I took the word STUDY and put things in the box that began with the letters of the word. Here's what I did, you can adapt your package using the same idea. S = A Snuggie with their school logo. These blankets with arms are warm and useful as they can slip them on and still type of their computer, highlights their notes and even drink a cup of coffee! By the way, these snuggies are not just for girls.. the guys like them too! Here are some samples of the various ones that are available on Amazon.

Next up, T : A package of Tums as their stomachs are all churning during exams! For U I tied together a set of plastic Utensils and added a prepaid Visa gift card to be used for a late night snack. D was for "Decorated" Christmas cookies, which I baked myself! Finally for Y I included a box of "Yodels" those chocolate cream filled snack cakes, probably not the most healthy of foods.. but reminiscent of their school lunch box treats from years ago. OR Y for Yummy Snacks like homemade cookies, candy, chips etc.  I will tell you from experience, the home baked cookies are the favorite ingredient of any college exam care package.  Here is an easy way to make dozens of homemade cookies  in half the time.. a step beyond slice and bake and while easy, they taste delicious. This is how I make my own Christmas cookies each year! 

For the December exam season you can also use this fun idea.. create a care package using the letter of the month just like this one! Get your free printable of college care package ideas for every month of the academic calendar year and you can create monthly care packages without any stress. We offer ideas from September through April and the STUDY printable too. Makes building a college care package so easy! Just print off the month, box up the ingredients and add the printable as your card!

Another College Exam Care Package Idea

Here is a fun homemade college exam care package for girls! A princess theme.. I made this for my daughter and her friends and they loved it. The girls are never too old to be treated like a princess!

Lots more themed college care package ideas you can make yourself here.. our all time favorite is the ultimate care package.. the BBQ in a BOX! College care packages are like sending a hug from home!

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