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These creative photo gifts are cherished, fun and best of all, almost free. You just need to find the old photos. Where to look.. check Grandma's attic and favorite closet. You may find boxes and envelopes full of family ancestry! You'll be scratching head going "who are these people"! So take some time and capture the treasure trove of fun, family history and gift ideas in the cache old photos.  For my 50th birthday, my Mom came up with the creative photo gift above. She took a series of my baby photos and put them into a frame.. it was just the cutest gift ever and so special that she had taken the time to put it together.

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Mom's gift gave way to a Christmas gift idea. We would go through all her old photos and make collages for each of my sisters and brother. The two of us had so much fun and so many laughs doing this together. My youngest sisters are identical twins so we were cracking up trying to figure out which was which! She also related some of the stories behind the pictures which I had not remembered. Mom gave them out on Christmas Eve and they were a huge hit. The adults loved them but the big surprise was how much the grandkids all loved looking at them and seeing their Mom or Dad as kids!

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My mother-in-law made a creative photo gift for my husband. She went through all her photos and put together a beautiful album. It starts back in the late 1800’s with photos of her ancestors in Norway and runs through present day. The most awesome part of the gift was that she labeled each photo with names, locations and relationships. We have all spent hours looking through it and she can give us a synopsis of what she knew about all the older ancestors and how they ended up in America. It took her months to complete but it is a gift we all treasure.

Another thing you can do with these awesome old photos is have them saved forever in a self-published photo book. Discover how to publish your own photo book at one of our favorite sites

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How thoughtful that she hand wrote who everyone is and where they were! This is a treasured gift especially now when Mom can no longer remember who everyone was. So, raid the attics and closets and see what you find out.. about yourself, your family and even your distant ancestors. Hit garage sales for some great old frames to add a touch of age to the antique photos. If you find that very special picture that is a bit yellowed and worn, don't fret..there are tons of places you can take it to have it restored. This creative photo gift idea is a great family history lesson for everyone!  Here's a fun game the whole family can play at a family reunion or holiday gathering using these creative photo gifts! All the kids can learn more about their own family!

See how our sister-in-law decorates using old photos.... very creative!

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