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Cute, easy and no carving necessary!

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Decorating Pumpkins was one of my favorite family Halloween pasttimes when the kids were all home. Now as "empty nesters" I still love to have festive pumpkins but hate the carving mess and the squirrels that always made our carved pumpkins such a disaster! So look what I found.. a cute, easy and cheap idea for creating adorable Halloween pumpkins in under 5 minutes! They are called Pumpkin Poke In decorations. Just buy your pumpkin and poke in the parts and "presto".. you will have the cutest pumpkin in town! Please NOTE this poke ins are sharp so this is not a project for the kids!

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easy halloween pumpki

Aren't these just so cute. I ordered one of each set and was thrilled with the quality. The new spider poke-ins were fun for this year. I bought a couple of littler pumpkins, popped in the spiders and added the web around the pumpkins for a fun effect. Wait until your pumpkin poke-ins arrive and THEN buy your pumpkin. If you get a pumpkin that is too big, these will look strange.

Also, poke the pieces into the pumpkin with care. If your pumpkin is hard, they can bend. I actually hammered a long nail into the areas that pieces would go to kind of pre-drill the hole and they went in so easily!

What a super fun and easy idea for Halloween decorations and wouldn't they be great gift idea too! Buy the pumpkin, insert the pokes and gift it complete!

easy pumpkin decorations
Amazon has them all!! You can order here Frog Witch Pumpkin Poke-Ins or the Scarecrow Pumpkin Poke-Ins or Spider Pumpkin Push-Ins or turn you pumpkin into a cat with these Cat Pumpkin Holders With LED Eyes

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Don't throw your pumpkins out after Halloween see how you can turn your pumpkin into a Thanksgiving turkey.. as easy as "bippity-boppity-boo"!

Love this mini pumpkin patch.. another easy idea for pumpkin decorations that will last from September through November! They are cute favors for fall bridal shower too! 

These mini pumpkins available at Amazon here 3" (80mm) Mini Artificial Pumpkins - Package of 12 just add ribbons, flowers and tulle!

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Party games, Scary Halloween Decorationseasy Halloween costume ideas and a fun Pumpkin Patch Party idea for the little ones!

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turn your Halloween Pumpkin into a Turkey for Thanksgiving!

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