Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

easter egg hunt ideas

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas.. we've got a couple of new twists to the traditional Easter activity.. the Easter Egg Hunt!! Kids love hunting for Easter Eggs, so we're offering 4 new and creative ways to change up this Easter game and make it more fun for them.  Our new favorite is "The Magic Jelly Beans".  We love it so much that we had to share it with you. Hoping you will enjoy it and adopt it as a new tradition in your own family. It is perfect for the 3 - 8 year old crowd!  Our "Bunny Trail Hunt" is a great one for all ages!

The Magic Jelly Beans.. a new Easter Egg Hunt Idea

creative easter egg hunt idea
easter egg hunt

Here is how this Easter game works.. you give the kids a small bag of jelly beans with the attached sign on the night before Easter. We have made a free printable of the Magic Bean poems for you to use! The kids then take the "magic jelly beans" out to the lawn or garden and "plant them" in the ground. They can do this by throwing and scattering the jelly beans or actually using a spoon burying them in the ground. Try to cordon off an area for them to plant their beans.  If you don't have an area to do this or the weather is not cooperative, give them a big planter filled with potting soil and you can do this Easter Egg hunt idea right in your home!

The kids go off to bed and you quickly go out and scoop up any jelly beans laying visible on the ground!  If you are doing this inside, you can go to the next step as soon as they are asleep.  If you are doing this outside, you will need to get up earlier than the kids and "plant" the Easter lollipop garden that grows magically overnight! Ahhh.. the joys of being a Mom and Dad. Trust me the expression on their faces will be worth the sleep you give up that morning!

easter egg hunt ideas

And.. drumroll... here is what they go out and find! Give them either baskets or decorated bags and let them go pick from the Lollipop garden that grew from those magic jelly beans. It is such a cute idea.  Lollipops work best as they have sticks to push into the ground, but we also bought the huge Peeps Bunnies and put them on wood skewers!  We tied bows around some of the lollipops just to make the magic garden more festive!  This Easter Egg Hunt alternative is a fun tradition to start for your own family!

An Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

easter egg scavenger hunt

This is yet another spin on a traditional Egg Hunt.  The Easter Egg Scavenger hunt is a 6 page printable filled with clever clues leading the kids to places in your house to find the eggs.  Solving the clues include crossword puzzle, Easter word search, rhyming poems and more.. so it extends the fun as the kids have to figure out the answer.  Because the pack comes with so many clues, more than you will probably use, it works for any size house or apartment!

CLICK HERE TO ORDER THESE Printable Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt Clues
Again, download once and they are yours forever!

resurrection eggs

Last year we added these Resurrection Eggs to our list of Easter Egg Hunt ideas. These are a beautiful way to teach children the story of Jesus' death and resurrection on Easter Sunday. Each egg has a symbol inside that represents Jesus' journey. They come with a booklet that explains the meaning of the trinket inside. So lead the kids on a hunt to learn what Easter is all about.

Amazon has these Resurrection Eggs. You can also read the reviews other customers wrote about them. They are highly rated!

More easy Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

One of our visitors sent us this idea.. we LOVE it! She found it on Facebook, so not our idea but one that wanted to share for sure!

Plan an Easter Egg Hunt Around your Neighborhood

An Easter egg hunt is one of our many family Easter celebration ideas. Our spin on the traditional egg hunt does not use eggs. We have a “Bunny Trail” scavenger hunt. I buy various Easter themed items, make up some clues and send the kids (with their parents if they are small) to find the trail to the Bunny Basket! Yes, this one takes a little preparation as you need to place the clues all over the neighborhood! There is only one basket, but fill it with plenty of goodies for all to share.  Items needed for this include: Bunny ears, bunny hairclips, a rabbits foot, bunny jewelry, plastic eggs, a stuffed bunny plus lots of candy and of course the big basket! As they got older, I updated the contents of the basket to include Itunes gift cards, lottery tickets, restaurant, fast food, video store, Barnes and Noble and Starbucks gift cards. It is always a hoot!!

easter egg hunt idea

When the kids were in high school, we ran this one year for all their friends. I was not sure how it would be received, but it was a huge success! Guess it goes to prove you are just never too old for an Easter Egg Hunt!!  Take a look at the set of clues we used so many years ago at our own Bunny Trail Hunt  to send them all over the neighborhood. It will help you to make your own! These Easter Egg hunt ideas are all fun!

easter candy recipe

Visit our Easter Fun section to get for this "Eggs-cellent" Easter candy recipe, along with ideas for crafts, decorations and more!

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