Easy Christmas Cookies
Delicious Christmas Cookies In 30 Minutes

easy christmas cookies

Making easy Christmas cookies is something every Mom wants! When our kids were small we would set aside a Sunday afternoon for a Christmas Cookie "Bake-a-thon". However, this tradition was not easy! Pulling out all the various ingredients, decorations and measuring cups along with juggling the 4 kids and the recipe was challenging. As the kids left for college, the "Bake-a-thon" became a long and lonely endeavor until I discovered how to make the easiest Christmas cookies ever! I would welcome them home for the holidays with dozens of delicious and festive cookies!

Betty Crocker Cookie Mix In A Pouch is the easiest way to do your holiday baking! It is an extra step or two from "slice and bake" but the end result is incredible. Just add a stick of butter, an egg, the mix and stir. Your dough is done in under 3 minutes! I can't wait to introduce our family "bake-a-thon" tradition with our twin grandsons. Making these cookies will be easy and fun for them and Grandma too! We made 15 dozen in 3 hours.. done and decorated and ready for gifting and eating!!

Some Tips For Making These Holiday Cookies

quick christmas cookie

Get Ready to Bake! Betty Crocker has a large variety of cookie mixes available. Besides chocolate chip, sugar and peanut butter, they have oatmeal, double chocolate, snickerdoodles and even gingerbread..so choose your favorite. Each mix makes about 18 big cookies. Look for coupons.. during holiday baking season they are always in the paper. If your grocery doubles the coupons, you can make these cookies for about $1.00 a batch! Do not scrimp and buy the store brands.. I have tried and they just do not come out as good!

easiest christmas cookie

Additional Baking Supplies are few but important. Parchment paper is a must. Line your cookie sheet and there'll be no burned cookies or messy clean up in between batches. I personally like the Reynolds variety the best. Get storage containers and some holiday goody bags or boxes if you want to gift some of your easy Christmas cookies. Have a roll of plastic wrap. Wrapping each cookie individually when they cool prevents them from going stale, crumbling, and make them easy to pack and mail. Especially at exam time, these cookies are a favorite inclusion in all college care package.

christmas baking with kids

Pre-heat your oven and don't overbake. You want your cookies to taste fresh and chewy.. not like hockey pucks! Ovens vary so start checking your cookies after 15 minutes.

decorating christmas cookie

Keep Your Christmas Cookie decorating SIMPLE, especially if you are baking with the kids. Some red and green MnMs, colored sprinkles, Peanut Butter cups,Hershey's kisses, crushed candy canes, dried cranberries and raisins and you are good to go. I would steer clear of frostings. They are messy and the kids get upset if their cookies don't look good. Even a two year old can make a festive and appetizing Christmas cookie ! As a side note, I freeze all my leftover Halloween candy that will work as cookie decorations and thus have a supply of candy on hand for my holiday baking!

 easiest christmas cookie

Here's a fun idea to use your easy Christmas cookies to spread the Holiday spirit!

Plus a FREE PRINTABLE GIFT TAG to go on your cookie gifts. It is cute as can be!

Christmas ornament craft idea
easy Christmas craft

While the cookies are baking.. here are two easy Christmas crafts you can be working on.. Make Frosty from a tealight  or Make An Angel from a silk flower!

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