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angel ornament craft

These easy Christmas crafts are so simple to make and require no artistic or advanced crafting ability! My kind of Christmas crafts to make for sure!  I make one Christmas ornament craft every year for my kids and grandkids. To celebrate this year's new arrival of our first granddaughter, I decided an angel ornament would be just perfect! It turned out so pretty so I am sharing with you! Follow below for step by step instructions to create these easy Christmas tree crafts!

Supplies you will need to make these easy Christmas crafts

christmas crafts to make

Christmas Craft supplies you will need:

An artificial flower - look for one where the flower part easily detaches from the base of the flower.  You can see in the photo below how the green leaves at base of the rose came off and we then clipped the stem shorter so it will fit in the hole of the wood bead. Also look at the size so that the angel body is proportional to the small wooden doll head

Wooden doll heads, like these Darice 9119-27 Big Value Unfinished Wood Ball Knob, Natural, 1-Inch available on Amazon. Per the questions and answers on this product you get 16 in a bag. The one inch size worked for us and if buying at a craft store you want to make sure to get the ones that have the holes drilled into a flat base. I chose the 1" size as it was proportional to the flower I chose.

The final items are :  Thick wired ribbonthin wired ribbon,  a gold chenille covered pipecleaner , a Sharpie marker and a glue gun... yep, that is all!  Now watch how using these items, we created the precious angel ornament.. these angels are truly easy Christmas crafts!

How to make this Christmas ornament craft:

Separate the flower from the stem and cut off the bulk of the stem leaving about 1/4" of the stem remaining. Using the glue gun, add a drop of glue into the hole of the doll head. Next put the stem of the flower into the hole of the wooden head. Press firmly and hold for a minute!  Here is how your angel ornament will look now.

Next, take your chenille stem and cut a small piece and make it into a halo. Before you glue it the head check the size to be sure it is not too big or small. Once right, add a drop of glue from your glue gun and glue it onto the top of the angel's head.  Hold down until it sets about 30 seconds.  The final steps - take your thick ribbon and tie a bow. It then gets glued to the back of the flower. Take your thin ribbon and make a hanger and glue that to the back of the bow.  Using your Sharpie marker, make 2 dots for the eyes and draw a smile. That is it and look what you have made! These easy Christmas crafts are so adorable and also would be wonderful gifts for neighbors, teachers or as hostess gifts to any parties you may be attending! They would make beautiful favors for baptism too!

easy christmas crafts to make

 Look at how we used this same idea a few months later to turn artificial white roses into adorable Brides and used them for bridal shower decorations to adorn our bridal shower centerpieces! They turned out so cute!

Here is another way to make an Angel ornament. Use a pine cone sprinkled with glitter.  Add the wooden dolls head, some ornamentation like beads and tiny silk flower, glue a bow on the back and add thin ribbon for a hanger.. now how easy is this.. you can pick the pinecones out of your yard or buy them in the craft store!

Or look at this Christmas ornament to make.. Turn a tealight into Frosty! Here is how to make these easy Christmas crafts!  Our two year old grandsons love this one.. the ornament is not breakable and they love turning it off and on!

For more Christmas Ideas.. visit our Holiday Fun section. Ideas for Christmas parties, Christmas game for kids and adults, recipes and creative gift ideas!  You can see our son's favorite gift when he was in college.. he loved it and we had fun putting it together!

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