Easy Crafts for kids of all ages

These easy crafts for kids will keep them busy and engaged. So enjoy those days together during summer, vacations, holidays or rainy, snowy days with these fun ideas. There are lots of creative and inexpensive ideas that so easy to do and the kids will love them!

Easy Crafts for kids

  • Spruce up old t-shirts. Make cool creations from the things lying around in the drawer! A ketchup stain is not a death sentence for a t-shirt. Grab an old t-shirt and have your toddler slap some fabric paint on it to make it into a beautiful piece of artwork! 10 Crafty Things to Do with an Old T-shirt will fill you in on other ideas to put life back into your t-shirts.
  • Make a home decoration. Liven up your house without having to put a dent in your wallet. If you and your toddler both participate in making something that you can hang on the wall, you will both be proud and happy for the time you shared together each time you walk past it. Fun Decorating Ideas For Kids Rooms gives you ideas on how you and your toddler can beautify a room.
  • Make a greeting card. Have your toddler help you send a message to a friend or a family member who you've been meaning to get in touch with. This person will love the cute and heartfelt card he or she receives.  The foiled heart pictured above is an easy one!
  • Finger paint. Lay some white paper down on table, set out some paints, and go crazy! Your toddler will have a great time seeing his or her handprints in the colors of the rainbow!
  • Draw your emotions. You would be surprised what art therapy can do to help a child express themselves. Ask your toddler how he or she is feeling that day, and draw those feelings on paper. You'll be able to learn something about your toddler you might not have known, and your toddler will feel like he or she is being given proper attention.
  • Make a pillow. Pillows are a relatively easy sewing project that you can do with your toddler because they don't require a lot of intricate stitching. Your toddler can contribute by stuffing the pillow with lots of fluff, and will love to rest his or her head on your creation when naptime rolls around. Sewing Pillows will teach you how kids can help sew pillows.
  • Do paper mache. Kids love getting gooey and sticky, so paper mache is perfect for them. The best thing about this craft is that you probably have all of these items around the house. Learn how to properly paper mache by visiting How to Paper Mache.
  • Make a bead necklace or bracelet. Your toddler will have fun choosing the best beads from the batch and then stringing them to form homemade jewelry. This activity will teach your toddler to be patient and steady.
  • Make a refrigerator magnet. Each time you travel to the kitchen for your midnight snack, you will be reminded of the quality time you spent with your toddler. Use anything in your art box to make the base, but make sure you have some magnetic tape to slap on the back.
  • Make playdough and sculpt with it. Your toddler will become a miniature Rodin. Visit Playdough Recipe to find out how to make playdough out of interesting things like coffee, Kool Aid or pumpkins!
  • Make Oobleck! Dr. Seuss's Bartholomew and the Oobleck is a favorite of many children. Read this book to your child, and then make Ooblecks of your own! You'll be amazed how something can both solidify and ooze! Find the oobleck recipe at Oobleck.
  • Make paper bag puppets. All this requires is some paper bags and some markers or crayons. Make puppet friends with your toddler, and perform a show when the rest of the family gets home.
  • Make a mobile out of old CDs. If you have a pile of CDs in your house or car that have been collecting dust, this is a fun craft that will look beautiful once it's complete. Recycle It! gives you a list of other fun things you can do with old CDs.

More easy craft ideas for kids

Make a Valentine for our feathered friends

Make a snowman ornament

Make an easy Valentine card

  • Make ornaments. These don't have to be for a Christmas tree. You can make ornaments to dress up a bare tree in the backyard or to hang from a large indoor plant. Either way, your toddler will love making hangable art. 
  • Make a nature picture. Pick some pretty leaves or flowers from outdoors and set them under some white pieces of paper. Have your toddler color over them with crayons to make some beautiful nature imprints!
  • Make a flag. Study some different countries' flags and have your toddler pick his or her favorite. Once he or she does, then make the flag out of construction paper.
  • Make a musical instrument. Your toddler will have fun making and playing an instrument. If you're feeling up to it, make multiple instruments and form a band! 9 Easy to Make Musical Instruments for Kids provides directions on how to make simple instruments at home.
  • Face paint. Buy some face paints and turn your toddler into his or her favorite animal or superhero. Kids Face Painting Ideas provides tips and ideas for face painting.
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