Easy Desserts

No Bake Desserts, ready to serve in 15 minutes

These easy desserts can be made in 15 minutes, can be color themed for any occasion and require no baking. Mix colors to theme your dessert. Create "Touchdown sticks" for your Super Bowl party in the team colors. Red for Valentine's Day. Green for St. Patrick's Day. For a bridal shower ... use the bride's wedding colors. For the holidays... make them in seasonal colors. For a graduation party decorate in the school colors. Put your imagination to work.

quick dessert ideas
4th of july candy and dessert

Our favorite: Chocolate Dipped Pretzels - here's the easiest dessert recipe ever! Buy a bag of pretzel rods, a bag of chocolate candy wafers used for candy molding (or a bag of chocolate chips), a container of sprinkles or baking sugars in the color of your choice and you are ready to make a delicious dessert. Pour half the bag into the top of a double boiler, add 1 tbsp. of crisco, butter or cooking oil and slowly melt on the stove. Once it is a melted, creamy consistency, take a knife and coat the top half of the pretzel rod with the melted chocolate. If you dip, you will not get much of the pretzel rod coated. Next put your decorations on a sheet of wax paper and roll the chocolate coated pretzel it into the sprinkles. Allow to cool in a tall glass or on a piece of wax paper.  Or 4th of July bark.. melt white chocolate and pour on cookie sheet, add festive red, white and blue sprinkles and MnM's and refreigerate! Cut when cooled.

Easy Desserts with Fruit

fruit desserts

Chocolate dipped fruit are the easiest, no bake desserts. Again, using the colored candy molding chocolates and assorted sprinkles or sugars.. you can make the most colorfully themed no bake desserts. Easy to theme for any celebration.. these are our 4th of July treats. The cherries would be so cute for the holidays using green sugars!

Who doesn't love fruit.. look at these creative ways to serve fruit...in a watermelon!  Carve it up and toss in an assortment of fruits ... make it quick and buy the pre-cut fruit at the grocery store.  Love the carved basket of fruit.. so cute for 4th of July or as an Easter basket! For more ideas for using watermelons as the fruit holder, visit the Watermelon Promotion organization website.

Fun fruit cones.. perfect for summer BBQ's

How great is this one.. FRUIT CONES!  Take waffle ice cream cones, dip in melted chocolate and add assorted fruits! Make sure you can spoons or forks available for the guests to use when eating this treat.  You can also serve with whipped cream as a dip for some added sweetness!  

This handy dandy Chocolate Warmer is a great gadget for keeping the chocolate melted without burning and hardening! It even has a removable insert for easy clean up!

easy cakepops

More easy desserts - Cakepops.. don't even need to turn on the oven with this quick shortcut.

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