Easy Halloween Costume Ideas
Make these yourself!

halloween costumes to make

Looking for easy Halloween costume ideas? We are here to help.. here are some really good ones... perfect for groups and couples too. No need to spend a lot of money on expensive Halloween costumes if you can pull them together with some good ideas and a little creative input! Take a look at some of these easy Halloween costumes from our own archives!

Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for all ages

Bunch of Barbies

Choose your favorite Barbie doll and create a great group costume.. all easy to put together from a thrift shop or out of your own closet. There is are so many Barbies to choose from: Beach Barbie, Teacher Barbie, Beauty Queen Barbie, Disco Barbie and more.. look at this adorable Bevy of Barbies...so fun and funny. These are for sure such easy Halloween costume ideas!

Smarty Pants

easy halloween costumes to make

Look at these "Smarty Pants".. what a cute and clever costume.. Take "Smarties" candies and glue gun them onto the pants.. add a colorful top, some horn-rimmed glasses and you will look the smartest kid in the class!

Sesame Sillies

easy group halloween costum

Look at this super easy Halloween costume. The girls all went as their favorite Sesame Street characters.. they bought the t-shirts and added some color coordinated leggings. Cookie Monster made her own headband by gluing styrofoam balls onto it.. used a black marker to add the googly eyes and baked some cookies as the final prop. Hmmmm.. homemade cookies.. she was the most popular person at the Halloween party! Her pal Elmo was in red with a red wig and also googly eyes headband.. so cute and cheap to make!

If you are going to a Halloween party or planning one yourself, here are some easy and fun Halloween party games ... some for all ages!

Check out Amazon's new Halloween shoppe.. it is filled with everything you could want to get Halloween spirit going.. great assortment of costumes too!

funny halloween costume ide

GO FOR THE GOLD... see how we did this funny Olympic themed Halloween costume.. timely this fall with the London Olympics just ending!

Pretty Pirates

homemade halloween costume ide

Ahoy mates!! This easy Halloween costume idea is great for groups or couples. Look at how these girls did it.. bandanas, eyepatch, plastic swords.. add a shirt and some baggy pants with a belt. Love the pirate hat that one of the girls had from an old dance recital! Add some fake tatoos for extra effect and maybe a stuffed bird to pop on your shoulder. Have some guys in your group.. Johnny Depp watch out..easy for guys, girls and a big crowd to dress as the Pirates of the Carribean!

Create Your Own Beer Pong Team

funny group halloween costum

Look at this funny group Halloween costume. These Beer Pong Costumes are priceless. 



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