A Fun Exam Care Package Idea for Girls

"One Enchanted Evening"

Here's a fun idea for an exam care package to help lighten the stress that reaches a crescendo during mid-term and final weeks. Most schools will send you information for a "pre-packaged" care package for your exam bound students. While these may be easy to order, they really aren't much fun! So during my younger daughter's stress filled exam prep, I came up with a light-hearted reprieve. It's a 3 hour break from the stress and sure to inject some fun and laughter into a rigorous time! This is a great college care package for girls!

Our theme for this exam college care package for girls: PRINCESSES! For my daughter and her roommates I thought a "princess theme" would be just perfect. Yes, even at 19, they are still princesses at heart and all princesses need a break from exams!

The princess theme is chock filled with great options. Any of the Disney princess movies would have been perfect, but timing was right and the movie "Enchanted" had just come out on DVD. As I have mentioned before, I find great prices and selectionon DVD's  at  Amazon. "Enchanted" with Patrick Dempsey was the perfect choice for a fun exam care package! It is light-hearted and fun!

Create some fun... a princess party needs all the trappings ! Off I went in pursuit of tiaras! The Disney princess theme must be a big one because there was a huge selection of party goods.. so cake plates, napkins, cups and of course goody bags went into the cart too. What would a "princess party" be without some nail polish, toss in some fun and colorful Mardi Gras type beads and add candy...all into the party goody bags wrapped with some ribbon.. ready for the Princesses! This exam care package will be a great break from the books!! You can also order all these goodies through Amazon too!
college care package for girls

Here is the card with poem I made to enclose in the care package.. along with a gift card to a local pizzeria that I knew delivered to the dorms.  You could also do a pre-paid Visa gift card for their use in ordering in late night!  I also baked sugar cookies and decorated with pink and silver sprinkles.. Here is the easiest way to bake cookies that taste just like the time consuming recipe my Mom used!  This princess themed care package was a huge hit and she loved that she could share it with all the suitemates too!  A perfect break from the stress of exam week or for that matter it would be greatly loved anytime of the college year!

Exam care package ideas for the boys are in here.. their favorite was the BBQ in a Box.. the ultimate college care package!  Or visit our whole section devoted to exclusively to making creative college care packages!

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