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Let's see all the places we've been!

A family reunion on your horizon this year? Do you need a family reunion activity to keep young and old alike engaged? Look no further, this is a great one. It is centered around one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books, Oh, the Places You'll Go! . This book should be in every family library, plus it makes for a great graduation gift. It is fun, inspiring and delightful for all ages. Best of all, easy to play and FREE!

How to organize this family reunion activity

The theme of this family reunion game is to see all the places your family has been. It is a great family reunion activity or a fun way to spend your dessert time after holiday dinners...perfect for your family Holiday celebration . It gives your older family members a chance to reminisce about places they have been and entertain the younger kids with a story. It also gives your younger kids a chance to tell about a place they have been. Here's how it works.

family reunion game

Before your gathering, ask everyone to bring a picture of themselves taken anywhere in the country. It could be from a vacation, a business trip, the place that a special occasion occurred..anything goes! Get the Dr Seuss book"Oh The Places You Will Go": check it out of the library, borrow it from a friend or buy one for your home. Read the story aloud to all. Then give everyone a map. I have the template prepared for you..just print it out below. Everyone also gets a set of small dot stickers. You can purchase these at any office supply store in the label section. For any holiday gathering, you could get seasonal stickers. Just check the size of the map and make sure they are small enough.
Print Map of the United States Here

Let each person pass their picture around the table and tell the story about where and when it was taken. You may be surprised by all the questions that are asked as your family looks at each photo. Then let everyone put a sticker on that state. While you could have one big map for all, the kids love having their own map and putting their stickers on it! Wait until you see the map after the last person has gone.. you may be surprised at all places your family has gone! Make it a guessing game. Before you start have everyone writes down the number of different states all the family has visited. See who wins!!

This is a fun family reunion activity but can also be a great game for any family gathering, boy or girl scout meeting or even a classroom. I originally played this with my daughter's 3rd graders when I went to visit her classroom. However, I brought all the photos and let them see her at different stages of her life and told them a story about each picture. Then they put the stickers on their map to see "All The Places Ms. Eiseman Has Been". They were mesmerized and had a million questions after each story. 

family reunion games

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