Football Team Pump Up Ideas

Fun ideas for High School Football Teams to generate Team spirit!

Football team pump up ideas are queries we get here all the time. See some of the best ideas our Celebration Ideas Online Community has shared in response to some of these questions. Their creative ideas are surefire ways to get the team pysched and crowds rallying!

Football Team Pump Up The Spirit Ideas

Our visitor wrote:

Please share some ideas for something memorable and fun for our team homecoming celebration. We have a community pep rally the night before homecoming. Any other ideas for the weekend? I need to come up with an idea for the boys from their mommas/families/community that they will remember. Maybe a quick uncomplicated game? awards for each kid? something for them to take home and remember? Please help. Of course we don't have a very big budget.

Our community responded:

High school football players spirit ideas
by: Allyson, Minnesota

We did something small for our seniors last year that they all really liked. We asked each parent for an action shot of their player, then a group of us scanned each one and captioned with a funny nickname. We asked the parents to suggest one when they turned in their photos. Some of the kids had team nicknames, so we used those too. Then we printed the captioned photo as a 4 x 6 and bought those magnetic lucite frames and put together bags with candy, tied the frames onto those with team color ribbons.. It was kind of corny but the boys loved them and my son actually brought his to college this fall! The seniors all put them on their locker room lockers. The biggest joke was that some of the nicknames the parents made up actually stuck all season and at the last game, all the senior parents made spirit signs for their players using the nickname! The whole thing cost up about $2.00 each player and the underclassmen were asking the parents if we could make them for everyone!

High School Team Spirit Ideas
by: Annie

Why not plan a SUPER BOWL party for a SUPER team? Good way to get the kids together and let them celebrate their team and cheer on their fav NFL team on Super Bowl Sunday?

High School Football Team Pump Up Ideas
by: Bess

Have all the parents decorate the players houses and paste a big invitation on the door to a potluck dinner ( or if you have enough money - you could order food ) for the players and coaches.. if you have the space and money, invite the parents too.. plan a video of the some highlights from their best games to run at the dinner... maybe give out some fun/funny awards based on things that happened during some of the games.. like in hockey, if someone had a hat trick, you could give them a funny hat.. ask the coaches to give a pep talk too..try to make it fun.

High school team spirit ideas
by: Mrs. J - Australia

Here "down under", we do Bonfires to celebrate great occasions of merit.. they are great fun would be a terrific football team pump up idea..perhaps, you could borrow our celebration tradition? We grill and do treats and have music..since we live close to the water, we have done them on the beach.. it is great fun.

High school team spirit ideas
by: Laurie

What about hosting a pancake breakfast for the team is always a great football team pump up idea! Let the parents serve as the cooks and waiters.. decorate the room with articles about the team, action pics of the players, signs, streamers, balloons.. maybe make it a surprise.. ask the coach to help by telling the team they have an early morning practice and have them arrive to the breakfast.

team pump up ideas

Look at how our own team pump up ideas.. you can use these slogan for any sport.. decorate the teams lockers, locker room or houses with this creative and inexpensive idea!

More creative football team pump up ideas here These would work for any sports team or even Marching Band or school club too. Learn to make team spirit pins like these, host a tailgate pep rally, have your team give back to their community and MORE! Here are some fun ideas for team spirit signs!

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