Here's A Fun and Free Christmas Bingo Game

Print and Play Free Christmas Bingo

Here's a fun and free Christmas bingo game.. Santa Bingo. This holiday themed Bingo game is a family favorite in our home. All the various age groups can play and by filling in your own Bingo card from the Holiday Word Bank.. you can even have a bit of control over your own destiny! Included in our printable kit is a word bank of "all things Holiday" related that you use to fill in your Santa Bingo board...a little different from the traditional numbers, but makes it all the more spirited!  Best yet, this Bingo game can be played by any amount of players, you are limited by the number of cards as you find in most printable Christmas Bingo games since everyone creates their very own Bingo board!

christmas bingo game

This is a great activity for a class party,a Boy/Girl Scout meeting or even at your own holiday party. One catch, when you win BINGO, you must call out HoHoHo or your win won't count! We even had a Santa Hat that rotated with every winner. You win, you get a prize and you wear the hat until the next round ends! Prizes can be anything you choose.  Our family does this BIG.. gift cards, spirits and fun gifts but you can do anything from a dollar bill to a Christmas ornament.  If the kids are playing have a kids prize table too!

Everything you need to play from instructions & prize suggestions, to the cards, the word bank and even the bingo pulls are right here.. Just Print and Play Santa Bingo!  The links below are pdf files that you can download and print as many or as often as you wish!

Santa Bingo Instructions and Prize Suggestions

Santa Bingo Board

Santa Bingo Word Bank

Santa Bingo Pulls

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