A Fun Christmas Game
Can you name these Holiday Tunes?

christmas party game

This is a fun Christmas game idea: Name That Holiday Tune. It is a clever game that renames Christmas songs. Read the clue and guess the song..it couldn't be any easier. Just print and play and you will be remembered as the Holiday Hostess who knows how to light up the Christmas dinner table with fun!! It is the perfect Christmas party game that will certainly liven up your celebration!

fun christmas party game

  This is so fun.. we have put together 28 clues and of course the answer key. The songs are both traditional carols and popular holiday songs! We played it at our annual Christmas party with our friends. We put all the clues in a stocking.  Each person reached in for a clue and if they didn't know the answer, they were allowed to "Ask the Audience". It was really funny as the other guests began yelling out their guesses.  I had gone to the dollar store and craft stores and had a prize for each guest.. nothing big.. but fun and funny prizes like headband antlers, Christmas earrings, Christmas socks etc.  It was such a huge success that our daughter played it the next night at her Ugly Christmas Sweater party with the twenty something crowd and they loved it too! So Happy Holidays from our family to you.. Print the complete set of 28 glues and the answer key and have some fun!

game for christmas party
funny christmas party game


A set of 28 clues for famous Christmas songs and carols plus the Answer key ... our gift to you!  Just print, play and enjoy this fun Christmas party game.

This game is yours for personal use only. It cannot be reproduced for other websites or for commercial use without written consent from Celebration Ideas Online.com

christmas party game

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